Thursday, February 20, 2014

Playing catch up. Pregnancy Update: 8-12 weeks

Eight Weeks

How Far Along: 8 weeks! We’ve hit the 2 month mark. Will be so happy to get out of the first trimester for so many reasons.

Size of Baby: Raspberry

Gender: Still TBD. I won’t start theorizing on this topic until it gets closer.

Weight Gain: Fluctuating between 2 to 4 pounds total gain. Today happens to be an up four pounds day.

Feeling: Freaking TIRED. That’s all I can say. More exhausted than I thought humanly possible for me to ever be. Getting quite nauseous around 3pm. That combined with the extreme fatigue makes for quite the work day let me tell ya.

Maternity Clothes: Still in all my regular garb.

Nursery: Still a guest room. Doing plenty of pinning ideas on Pinterest.

Movement: Too early to feel anything, but the baby is able to move around now.

Symptoms: Tired, nauseous, but happy.

Sleep: No major complaints. My knees are really bothering me when I sleep on my side, so I think I’ll have to invest in some type of prego pillow sooner rather than later.

Cravings: No intense cravings, but I’ve been eating mostly cheesy garbage or salads. One end of the spectrum or the other.

What I Miss: Nothing really. The exhaustion and feeling sicky isn’t even that bad as long as I can get home right after work to my bed or couch.

Best Moment This Week: Getting a new doctor, having an ultrasound, and hearing the heartbeat! I loved everyone we’ve talked to so far at the new office, and I love them even more for scheduling an early ultrasound! I went at 7 weeks and 5 days and the baby measured right on track. Heartbeat was 146 beats per minute, which apparently is normal.

Looking Forward To: The next four weeks flying by.

Thankful For: Everything mentioned in the previous weeks, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep.

Nine Weeks

How Far Along: 9 weeks. My little trimester breakdown chart shows that this “month” is actually weeks 9-13, so we’re in for a long one. Regardless, happy to be one week closer to the second trimester.

Size of Baby: Green olive.

Gender: No clue! I’ve decided not to have a gender reveal party and opted for a gender reveal photo shoot with just Will and myself. I have no energy to plan anything right now.

Weight Gain: Up three pounds.

Feeling: A little cautious. And freaked out by all the changes going on.

Maternity Clothes: Still fitting in all my normal clothes.

Nursery: Still a guest room.

Movement: Too early.

Symptoms: Slightly less exhausted. Lots of nausea in the evenings. Some lower pack pain. Tons of breakouts.

Sleep: Pretty normal, just sleeping more than usual.

Cravings: More like aversions. Not much sounds good these days besides anything with cheese.

What I Miss: Surprisingly, nothing!

Best Moment This Week: Climbing a week closer to the 2nd trimester.

Looking Forward To: The next appointment, since we should be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Thankful For: A helpful husband and supportive family!

Ten Weeks

How Far Along: 10 weeks! ¼ of the way there.

Size of Baby: A prune.

Gender: Still no really strong feelings either way. I did have a dream last night that I was having twins though. Pretty sure that’s not happening.

Weight Gain: Still up 2-3 pounds depending on the day.

Feeling: Pretty good this week. Still a little groggy, and still having "evening sickness", but I can feel some of my energy starting to return.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I may need to upgrade some of my bras soon.

Nursery: Still a guest room. We were planning to use the back guest bedroom that’s closest to the our room and the guest bath as the nursery. I’ve been thinking though, and I’m now considering using one of the front rooms. I think they’re a little bigger, and they get way better sunlight. I think we’ll make the final call when we start buying furniture and I can see how it fits in each room.

Movement: Too early to feel, but the baby is moving around in there. Can’t wait to see that on our next ultrasound!

Symptoms: Evening nausea, lack of appetite, fatigue, some back/tummy aches and pains.

Sleep: Pretty normal, just sleeping more than usual.

Cravings: Nothing really.

What I Miss: Energy! Not feeling like a complete waist of space.

Best Moment This Week: A restful weekend.

Looking Forward To: Our first trimester screening in a week and a couple of days.

Thankful For: Will has really stepped up, and he gets more and more helpful each week. Doing chores I’d normally do, completely not caring that I am totally worthless around the house and to him or myself in general. Cannot imagine doing this without him!

Eleven Weeks

How Far Along: 11 weeks.

Size of Baby: A lime.

Gender: I’ve been thinking about this a lot this week. It’s no secret I want a girl, so I was trying to make peace with the fact that there is a very real chance I may have a son. I started planning boy nurserys and just picturing a baby boy, that kind of thing. It wasn’t horrible, and of course we will be happy either way, but at the end of the day… I’m still team pink.

Weight Gain: Still about 3 pounds.

Feeling: Some of the late afternoons/evenings this past week were horrible at best.  Extremely nauseous and exhausted. Hopefully we’re nearing the end of the sickness tunnel.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but my pants are definitely getting a little tight. I plan to buy a belly band next time I order something offline or go to a store that sells them. I looked at some maternity clothes online this week, and pending all goes well at my OB appointment next week, I may start buying things that are on sale. I want to collect slowly so I don’t have to go out and drop a ton of money as soon as I pop. Hoping this game plan will also afford me the ability to wait until things are really on sale.

Nursery: I am so excited for this part now a days. I plan to start buying things as soon as we find out the gender. Still no decision on which guest room we’ll end up using.

Movement: Too early to feel, but the baby is moving around in there. Can’t wait to see that on our next ultrasound!

Symptoms: Nausea and exhaustion.

Sleep: My favorite thing to do these days.

Cravings: I told a friend today I haven’t had any real cravings. It’s more like everything sounds disgusting so what can you tolerate right now. Especially tolerable this week was mac and cheese, potato skins, and strawberries.

What I Miss: Still just wanting my energy back.

Best Moment This Week: Being a little closer to the second trimester. Sharing the news with one more good friend.

Looking Forward To: My OB appointment Tuesday. Excited to have another ultrasound and hopefully get a good report from the doctor. As long as all goes well and we get the thumbs up, we’ll share the big news with the rest of our friends and family on Friday. Super excited for that too!

Thankful For: What is feeling like a healthy baby. Peace of mind. My extremely helpful and supportive husband. Modern medicine.

Twelve Weeks

How Far Along: 12 weeks! SO happy to reach this milestone. We made it!

Size of Baby: A plum.

Gender: I’m still 50/50. Heartbeat was 173 (I think? 170 something) at the last appointment, which is high. I know it’s just an old wives tale, but that’d mean girl for sure.

Weight Gain: Still about 3 pounds.

Feeling: Pretty good. I can feel some of my energy coming back, but definitely still heading to bed earlier than my norm. Experiencing some nausea here and there, but I think it’s getting better.

Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I’ve been looking around online. Now that I am “out” I can start wearing tighter shirts again, so I don’t think I’ll need any new clothes just yet. I don’t have a bump yet, but I get really bloated after eating.

Nursery: Can’t wait to buy things, but trying to wait until we know the sex. I do know I want white furniture either way, so I may see if Will wants to browse this weekend.

Movement: Too early to feel, but I got to see some wiggles and squirms on the ultrasound I had this week. The baby was moving it’s little arm waving at me ;) The ultrasound tech had to have me lay on my side to get the view she needed, and when she poked at the baby to get him or her to move into the right spot, there was a definite “Hey lady I am laying here” back arch haha.

Symptoms: Fatigue, nausea, back pain.

Sleep: Still can’t get enough. I’ve woken up a time or two in the middle of the night this week, but I think that has more to do with one of our dogs. Sadie has been going downstairs (weird because she sleeps with us upstairs) in the middle of the night and barking like a maniac. Either someone is casing our house every night, or she’s losing her mind. I think maybe deer are hopping out of the woods into our yard in the middle of the night and she sees them out the back door when she goes down to get water.

Cravings: Nothing really. Ate a pretty normal diet this week.

What I Miss: Having energy. Hoping the second trimester brings me all the spunk that I keep hearing it will.

Best Moment This Week: Officially being 12 weeks, having an ultrasound, and sharing our news with the world.

Looking Forward To: Next milestone is finding out the sex. 4 weeks to go! Also, hoping to get settled on an OB this month. Thinking about switching because I've decided I want to deliver at a different hospital.

Thankful For: My family, my husband, us both having good jobs to help us provide for the millions of expenses that are about to come up. And of course my health, and what has so far been a healthy pregnancy.
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