Monday, July 21, 2014

crunch time, a wedding, and other updates

As of Friday, I am 35 weeks into this pregnancy. For some reason, this seems like a really big milestone to me. Maybe because if you look on the calendar, it's just about a month off. Maybe because I'm just 2 weeks from being full term, so really it means we could be heading to the hospital sooner rather than later (though I know it could also be 6 more weeks). Maybe because this is when I start weekly OB appointments. I can't really be sure. All I know, is this is the first week it really seems like crunch time. Like "holy molly maybe I should stop wishing the days away".

These pictures are totally unrelated to this post, but I had to get them in. Crazy beautiful sky we had a week or so ago. Will managed to snap a few pics. 

Friday also held plenty of other exciting things for me. I found out my next door neighbor will be welcoming a  baby BOY this winter. I was pulling for a girl so Norah would have another neighborhood bff to add to the list, but a boy will do just as well :) I love all of our neighbors, including this couple and their 2 year old twin boys, and can't wait to raise the two newest additions to the 'hood together.

Friday was also my best friends wedding. I've mentioned here before that a couple of my high school friends have made their way to Cincinnati for this chapter in our lives. I feel very lucky to have old friends around me, and even luckier that one of my best friends fell in love with a guy in the same circle of friends as Will, and now they are married. They met at the same bar we did (not on the same day- that would be just too weird), and live just a few miles up the road from us.

We kicked things off with the rehearsal the night before. Friday was spent getting ready, chatting with my closest friends, and celebrating the happy couple. As expected, the wedding was a blast and Julianne looked beautiful. I wish I could have celebrated a little harder, and it was a long day for this pregnant lady, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

 I will say that the bump really made it's presence known that day more than ever before. Changing in front of people, sitting on the floor, standing for long periods of time, and toting around tons of bags all day really was probably not my smartest idea. I didn't really attempt to take it easy, not wanting to do anything differently than any of the other girls, and it kicked my butt.

Like the maniac that I am, instead of resting on Saturday, I decided to make Will take me to Homearama. I look forward to this all summer long, and Will and I have gone together the past three years. The homes were beautiful, and I got in plenty more exercise. At this rate I think I may walk this baby right out of me. We were so famished afterwards that we decided to have dinner at Bravo, then get ice cream to take home from The Creamery. Both were delicious, and we crashed the moment we got home. 9:00pm Saturday night bed time, don't mind if I do.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get comfortable all night long. That combined with a pretty serious case of heartburn had me up on and off all night long. Luckily we had nothing on the calendar Sunday, so I was able to relax and get plenty done around the house.

And that my friends, was our jam packed weekend. Just a few days until my 36 week appt (it's scheduled for Thursday morning) when I should be checked for progress for the first time! I know this may lead to no news, or news that means nothing… but it could also lead to news that means something. So I'm still excited :) A couple of weeks till we're full term. And one month till Norah's due date. My to do list is still pretty long, and I know with work and baby classes and life- these days will fly by.

Here's to the home stretch!
Anonymous said...

Term is 37 weeks, FULL term is 40 weeks.

Erin LFF said...

Love those sunset pics- I caught that gorgeous sky a week or so ago, too! One of the prettiest I'd seen in awhile! :) So jealous you got to Homearama-- I haven't been in a few years but I LOVE IT!

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