Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Norah's Nursery Reveal

I've been planning this nursery since before I was even pregnant. When I found out we were expecting, I was really hoping for a girl, so my focus has always been pink and white. I knew right away I wanted those two colors in the mix, without being too pink. Once we found out we were definitely having a girl, it was game over. I still have a few finishing touches to add to the walls as far as decorations go, but I want to wait until we spend a little more time in the room to decide exactly what I want to add. Without further adieu, I present, the most wonderful room in our house.

First up, the closet. I am so thankful for walk in closets in all of our bedrooms. It really helps keep the rooms uncluttered.

flying pig decoration picked up from City Flea 

closet dividers - etsy

We may eventually add another row of racks below the high ones. I can see it being necessary as she gets older.

pink hanging storage - restoration hardware
chalkboard sticker labels - etsy

cubbies - old, possibly wal mart
pink baskets - babies r us 


Yes, we received TWO pair of Uggs for Norah at our showers. I love all the cuteness!

When it came to the crib, I basically knew what I wanted right away, before I even saw it in the store. Mostly white linen. Pale pink and gray accents. Something that would grow with her out of the infant stage, and allow me to change the sheets up yet still look good together. Nothing themed or too matchy matchy.

sleep sheep - gift
embroidered N pillow - gift
embroidered nGp pillow, bunny, sheets, quilt, bumper, bed skirt, mobile - pottery barn kids
crib - target

As far as the glider, this was something I kind of compromised on. I wanted something big and cushy. Unfortunately, the room just wasn't big enough. Or we didn't think it was at least, and I didn't want to risk having to exchange something that significant. Also, the gliders I liked were not cheap, and in case you didn't know, babies are expensive. I decided to go with this simple, wooden glider to save space and money. It turned out to be just the right size for the space, and super comfy.

extra quilt, giraffe, bird house shelves - pottery barn kids
glider - target
chandelier - ikea 

side table, picture frame - home goods
curtains - pottery barn kids

toy basket - pottery barn kids
dresser - ikea
ubbi diaper pail - amazon



This cubby system is probably my favorite piece in the room. From the moment I saw it online, I obsessed over it. Just had to have it. I chose the rest of the furniture in the room around this piece, and sacrificed my big comfy cozy glider so we could fit it nicely.

I know this is a piece that will grow with Norah, or another future member of our family for many years to come. I could also see it going into a craft area or play room down the road, and I am glad we got it.

nightlight on far wall - restoration hardware
cubby system - pottery barn kids


music box - pottery barn kids 

pacifier dish - home goods

headband holder - etsy
lamp, tooth fairy doll - pottery barn kids
pink frame - pomegranate and lime (local shop) 

trash can - pottery barn kids 

holly pup - not available

A lot of these items came from PBK, and I admit that was my go to store for most things, since I knew what kind of style I wanted. But I also tried to make sure we had plenty of little touches from boutiques, our nurseries as kids, my sister's nurseries, etc, so the room would be special just for our girl.

I love the way it turned out, and I can't wait to spend countless hours here.
According to Jax said...

OMG - I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!! And you have sooo much stuff! Look at all those teeny tiny socks!! Omg, can't wait to see pictures of that little princess!! :)

LB @ Table For One said...

You are most definitely blessed with the walk-in closet! I love the decor/color scheme,feminine and sweet! Great job decorating lady :)

Hannah said...

So cute! You did a wonderful job decorating her room! Isn't it amazing how the nursery of a person you haven't even met becomes your favorite room in the house? I am sure you will spend loads of time in there. And that closet is amazing... I'm a little jealous of it ... :) that little cubby set is perfect for her room, you will get lots of use out of that I am sure. Does having her room finished make you all the more excited to meet her?! :) ...and all that pink makes me want to have a baby girl, so fun!

Allison said...

This is just beautiful!!! You did a great job!!! I now have about 5 more projects on my list to do for Aiden's nursery. Haha. I love the pacifier bowl, genius. And her closet? Wow! Good job girl. :)

Erin LFF said...

So so soooo cute!! I LOVE it, you did an amazing job! :) Now that little girl needs to get here so she can model everything in that fabulous closet ;)

Brittany said...

You did such a good job!! Everything looks great. I love the chandelier. So cute and a perfect little touch to the room.

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