Monday, August 18, 2014

a nice little weekend

This weekend was pretty awesome and exactly what I needed it to be.

Friday I worked from home, and had my 39 week doctors appointment. The appointment went well and it was so nice to avoid Friday rush hour and the dreaded weekend countdown of productivity the last hour of the day. While I was hoping to I don't know, find out I was in labor, I did find out I'm 80% effaced and a centimeter dilated. Super thrilled to finally see some progress, and I can't wait for my 40 week appt this Thursday. If I make it that far! Still thinking I will, but you never know. Anyway, back to the weekend. Friday I also picked up a lamp at Home Goods for one of the guest rooms, and got all the bills paid I needed to handle for the following weeks in prep for baby. Will and I hit up our church's festival that night to have fair food for dinner and get in some walking. It was the perfect relaxing Friday.

Saturday we spent the day around the house cleaning, making a grocery list, and just hanging out. Will's Dad stopped by to help with some things, and it was good not to have to be anywhere for once. That evening we got massages then went out to dinner. It was the perfect way to spend would could be our last night as a family of two. We came home and watched "What to Expect When You're Expecting", and it was hilarious. Surprisingly, Will thought it was hilarious too. I definitely recommend it for any pregnant ladies.

The major event Sunday was grocery shopping. I wanted to stock the house with food, dog food, snacks, TP, etc in anticipation of a) not wanting to go to the store any time soon and b) having plenty of things to much on for all our impending visitors. I about passed out in Kroger from walking around so much, and our cart was overflowing (literally), but we accomplished our mission. We rounded out the night with a yummy dinner and a game of Monopoly.

I went to bed Sunday really trying to be intentional with my feelings. It is so easy (escp for a whiner like me) to get caught up in the "I'm tired of being pregnant" mindset. Which it's true, I am tired of being pregnant. And of trucking through the work day when all I want to do is sleep. But really, the next day(s), or even week, or dreaded two week finish line that we're almost at is so close. Soon I will be someones mother. Every single thing in our lives is going to change. I will do my best to be calm, positive, and cherish these last few days of being able to be 100% selfish with my time.

But Norah, if you wanted to come like, today- that is fine too.

Happy Monday!
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