Monday, August 4, 2014

updates, updates, updates

It's been almost a week since I posted, so I wanted to pop in and leave a few updates about what we've been doing. While I wish I could say time has been flying by, basically the opposite is true. Each day feels like an eternity waiting to get to our due date (18 days to go). The plus side is that I've been able to get a decent amount of rest. I am super tired these days and plan to really tone it down over the next couple of weeks to get my body energized and ready for the storm that's coming!

  • We've (finally) completed all of our baby care and hospital classes. We signed up for four, and while they were slightly time consuming, I'm glad we took each of them. My favorite of all four was the class that included the hospital tour. While I didn’t love giving up my entire Saturday, it was awesome seeing the type of room I'll deliver in. Made it that much more real!

  • I've been trying to hang in there and really focus on work, but boy is it hard. Sitting at a desk is the opposite of comfortable for me, and it is just difficult to focus on anything not baby related at this point. Here's to hoping I can make it a few more weeks without completely losing my mind!

  • We also had the car seat installed and inspected by the fire department. While this is super exciting, it was a huge bummer to see how much space it takes up in the car. We installed the car seat behind the front passenger seat. That caused us to loose what seems like a foot of leg room for said front passenger. I'm 6 feet tall, and Will is a few inches taller than me. Lack of leg room = problem. When we take family trips, the non driving adult will probably be forced to sit in the back if the drive is longer than 30 minutes. This leaves both dogs to sit in the trunk, aka, a really tight squeeze. I don't even want to think about what it'll be like when we have two car seats, or have an extra passenger with us. I just bought  my car last year, and I am kicking myself for not getting a 7 seat SUV!

  • Friday was a pretty stressful afternoon for me, calling around trying to get Holly an emergency vet appt. She was due for some shots, which need to be 110% up to date since we could have to board the pups at any moment... but we also had a bit of a doggy scare on Thursday night. Will went to let her in the house, and as soon as she walked inside, she collapsed and had what I thought was a seizure, but the vet is defining as an episode since we can't be sure. I freaked out and we called the emergency vet, but they said it was best to take her to her regular vet in the AM. Unfortunately I have just been taking her to Banfield at PetSmart, and I was less than satisfied with their level of care. I knew we needed someone a little more knowledgeable/passionate for such a serious event, so luckily I was able to get a great vet recommendation and Will took her in that evening. They think she may have a kidney infection that caused the episode, but we are waiting on test results to confirm. I am praying it is nothing more serious than that. I do not know what I'd do if something was wrong with my Holly Girl! Luckily she is acting like her normal self, as hyper and crazy and silly as ever.

  • Saturday we went out to breakfast and shopped for a few things I could wear in the hospital. I have no intention of ruining any of my favorite PJ's (and I needed some bigger ones), so I was relieved to check that to do off the list. We went to a pool party, and I think that may be my last attempt at being social until the baby comes. I can handle a dinner here and there, but sitting in the sun all day with a bunch of people drinking = worst decision I made all week. Give my my A/C and quiet please and thank you.

  • Sunday we had dinner with Will's brother and his wife and kids. It was delicious, I didn't have to prepare a thing, and we had lots of laughs. I love having fun family so close by!

  • Last, and most unfortunately, I discovered stretch marks. A lot of them. Will noticed them actually. I thought I'd escaped unscathed, but no. On my hips, actually more like the back of my hips, there are huge gross stretch marks on each side. I didn't think I'd mine one or two on my stomach, but unfortunately these things are just worse than I expected. I'm not losing any sleep over it, but it was definitely disappointing to notice.

And that's a wrap! 18 (ish) days to go!!
Katie said...

Girllllllll, you are SO close! I don't blame you for just chilaxing from here on out.

Keep me updated on Holly! So scary.

Ugh about the stupid stretch marks. Fortunately, the ones I discovered (after Charlie already came because I couldn't see them while pregnant lol) have faded/disappeared. I continued to put bioil on them after delivery. Maybe that will help?!

Shelley said...

18 days?! it's almost time to meet Miss Norah :)

and i'm so sorry to hear about Holly. glad she's back to her usual self and hopefully it's nothing serious.

Erin LFF said...

AHH- sending you all the love and hugs and prayers for these last few DAYS! I'm sure it's tough at work, I can't imagine/don't look forward to that! That beautiful girl is going to be here SO SOON though! :) I hope Holly is okay too!!

Jessi @ Jessi's Design said...

oh my heavens the countdown is reall on!!! So excited for you! xoxo

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