Friday, August 15, 2014

pregnancy update: 39 weeks

And just like that, we're 39 weeks. iPhone pics will have to do, and welcome to two of the only articles of clothing that still fit me.

Size of baby: A baby. She is fully developed and at this point is just getting chubbier. A pumpkin or watermelon if you need a comparison. Yikes!

Weight gain: A whopping 42 pounds-ish. Maybe 45. I am really hoping breast feeding makes me lost the majority of this weight.

Feeling: Pretty yucky, but that is to be expected. Anxious and excited for labor. Trying to remain calm. Been a bit nauseous, and experiencing the usual aches and pains.

Maternity Clothes: You know it. Even a lot of my maternity clothes are too small these days.

Nursery: Complete :)

Symptoms: Achy back, neck, etc. Nausea. Emotional. Difficulty getting from laying down or sitting to standing.

Labor Signs: I had my 39 week appt today and we FINALLY had some progress in the dilation and effacement (is that a word?) depts. I am 1 "good" centimeter dilated and 80% effaced. Considering I was 0 and 0 last week, the doctor was impressed. Escpecially since I haven't felt any contractions. That I can identify at least.

Perhaps all my DIY labor inducers are working?! I plan to keep them up all weekend. Fingers crossed! For the record these include walking as much as possible, drinking red raspberry leaf tea, taking evening primrose oil, and bouncing/doing other exercises on my exercise ball as much as I can stand it. We are ready for you Norah.

According to Jax said...

Oh my goodness you look amazing!! I am so excited for you!!

Ethan Smith said...

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Marina B. said...

oh my, I'm so agree about maternity clothes, mines are way too small i could hardly breath in them))) i only got like 2 tops and only one denim crops that i wear now all the time.
You look beautiful btw!

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