Wednesday, August 13, 2014

at this point...

This is mostly going to be rambling, but I really want to be able to look back and laugh at myself about how crazy I was in the days/weeks before labor. Here we go.

At this point...
  • I was super nauseous yesterday and am having some wicked back pains today. Could this be it?! Not getting too excited because for the past 10 years I've pretty much had one day a week where I experience debilitating back/neck/hip/shoulder pains. I fractured my neck twice in high school, and really beat myself up constantly playing sports through high school and my freshman year of college. Anyway, hopefully these are labor signs and not the usual aches and pains, or a cold coming on.
  • I don't think this is a labor sign, but I have been getting winded VERY easily these days. I'm talking walk across the room and need to pause and catch my breath. I am so ready to have my agile, normally functioning body back.

  • In other weird symptom news, I am constantly hot. I mean burning up, sweating hot. My office temp is probably set at 68, and I still sit at my desk and sweat all day. It's really pleasant.
  • I think at my 39 week appt I am going to plead with my doctor. I've been keeping my cool, but I just can't any longer. Can he PLEASE write me a note to go on maternity leave? At least work from home? How quick can I schedule an induction if I go over 40 weeks? I am so thankful for this experience, but I have hit the wall ladies. At least the working wall. I can keep being pregnant for another two weeks if I need to, but another two weeks in the office may send me to the looney bin.
  • I think my dogs know something is up. They are acting strange lately. Stranger than usual. I wonder if animals really can sense labor coming on? Regardless if that is true or not, I think they at least know something is about to change.

communicating with the bump telepathically
  • The only good thing about me potentially delivering late is that if shes born the week after next (so about one week late), my Mom will get to stay in town an extra day. This would be since her work is closed on Labor Day. I am so torn between wanting my Mom there for the birth and wanting her to save her vacation days for when we are home from the hospital. Thankfully Chicago isn't that far of a drive.
  • I've been sitting/rocking on my exercise ball at work and I think all my coworkers think I'm crazy.

That's all she wrote. I thought to myself Monday "This could be my last Monday driving into the office". Hopefully this is the last rambling post I write before becoming a Mom!

According to Jax said...

Haha...I'm picturing you on an exercise ball! :) Also - are you still driving around just fine??? It's hard to picture an 8-9month pregnant woman behind the wheel of the car. How do you fit?? And is it unsafe??

Anonymous said...

I hope that you back starts feeling better and that you aren't too uncomfortable these final days!

Shelley said...

oh my gosh, i can't imagine having to sit in an office all day at 9 months pregnant! hopefully you're almost there!

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