Monday, June 17, 2013

A recipe, a profect, and a weekend update.

Why is it Monday always comes too soon? As always, this weekend went by way too fast. My weekend kind of started on Thursday, because I went to a nice little happy hour with my friend Sara. Actually it was more like happy three hours. This is my second time at Parker's in the recent weeks. I have a feeling this is going to become a habit...

Friday I made dinner, then the hubs and I went to see "Man of Steel". I was less than thrilled with the movie, but it wasn't terrible either. Overall I felt the whole thing was just a little slow. I've been impressed with all the other super hero movies we've recently seen, like The Dark Knight Rises and Iron Man 3, so maybe I was expecting too much? Next on our list is "This is the End". I'm hoping it's as funny as I've heard!

 This din din was delicious by the way. And super easy. Recipe here. My pics do not do it justice.

Saturday I took the journey to Ikea and picked up a bunch of things we "needed" for the house. I love having an Ikea so close to peruse for random items that don't need to be of any certain quality, but good grief does that place where a person out!

I was also able to cross another item off of my home to-do list. Kind of. I hung all the frames I've collected so far for our gallery wall. It does look half bad either. I still need to print pictures and find a few non photo items, but it's a start.

All of this decorating and organizing really has me thinking about our future as a family. It is so mind blowing to know this is the house we will experience the first years of our marriage in, and come home to when we have our first baby. The house our children will grow up in, and form their first memories. Babies and the future in general seems so much more real now that we are in the house where it will all take place. We are not "trying" to get pregnant, but I'm also not really trying not to. Basically, I kind of had the baby fever since before we were even married... but I've also always believed it's probably best to be married a year or two before getting pregnant. I also believe lots of things that turn out to be a total crock, so who knows what's best?

Saturday night we went out for dinner, drinks, and a game of Jenga with some new friends who live in our neighborhood. I have to say, one of my favorite things about our new home is how friendly and welcoming our neighbors are. I am a super social person, so the more friends we can make around here, the merrier!

Will was by far the star player :)

Speaking of friends, slowly but surely, more of my besties are moving to Cincinnati. I am so glad that life is bringing us all together again after years of being separated for college. Three of my pals now have jobs in the area, and should be officially moved in by the end of summer. I see lots of sleep overs and happy hours in our future.

Here's to another fab weekend on the books! Linking up with Syndal, Sami, Leeann and Carly.
Katie said...

Eeekk maybe babies in the near furture?! This got me pretty excited :)

Becca Moss said...

Where is the bar with Jenga?! Love it! Your collage is looking great, I'm terribly jealous of it ;) we've been in our house a year next month and I have just a couple frames hung, we're slackers! And I'm sad you didn't think Man of Steel was great, we're dying to see it!

Sarah said...

Love your Ikea purchases! I need to stop by there this weekend!

Meredith said...

that dish looks delish! i may have to try it i get so tired of the same old stuff.

Kristin said...

Great looking gallery wall! Just found your blog :)

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