Tuesday, June 4, 2013



I woke up freezing my butt off. I love sleeping with the windows open, but what is it about the cold that makes it 100 times harder to get out of bed?!

I got to just relax in the house for a bit, and played with the pups in our new yard. I would't trade this life for the entire world.

I was 8 minutes late to work. Not a huge deal, but I'm a stickler on time when it comes to getting to the office. 10 minutes early makes me nervous, so this sent me into a semi panic. IDK what they're doing to the road I normally take, but the next two months of construction are going to call for a lot of early mornings!

It was a "full moon" at work. That's what we say when everything that happens during the day is totally insane. I love my job because there is NEVER a dull moment. Like ever. But that's  the world of working with people.

Most of the ladies in my office went to happy hour after work at Parker's Blue Ash Tavern. If you live  in Cincinnati or pass through, go there. It's delicious and beautiful! And .5 seconds away from my office.

My sweet Holly chewed up my new kitchen rug and the cord to our Dyson. Luckily, both are still functional... for now. She's luck I'm madly in love with her. I'll be happy when the puppy years are over.

I almost went to pick up the letters to finalize the front door wreath I'm crafting. Almost. I was this close. Here's to weekend errands!

Is it Friday yet?

Katie said...

Oh my. Closing of 131 has literally ruined my mornings this week. Nothing like starting off in a bad mood!!

Sarah said...

I haven't made it to Parkers yet but is also super close to my office, I've heard great things about it.

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