Monday, October 7, 2013

another first

So here I am, sitting at the airport, reminiscing about the last few times I've flown.

Like traveling what seemed like a million miles to and from our honeymoon. Pretty sure that will forever be the most important plane ride of my life. Or like traveling home from Key West with my now in-laws. I was sure we'd get engaged on that trip (we didn't, it was about a month later) and I "got sick" at baggage claim from having a little too much fun on our last night of vacation. Oh the memories. And then there's the time my bestie and I decided to randomly fly to Nashville for the weekend and ended up hanging out at the airport bar for hours after out flight landed, because the other people there were so much fun.

Anyway, today is another memorable trip, because it's my first "business trip". I feel so grown up and professional, despite struggling around the airport with my billion pound computer bag. I'll be gone for a short time, but considering I've only been at my job a week, I'm a little nervous. I'll keep this short and sweet so I can get back to work, but I wanted to mark this as a special occasion! Shout out to Alfani Step-n-Flex heels from Macy's. Not the most glamourous shoes in the world, but my feet feel like a million bucks.

This past weekend was a blast. A relaxing Friday and Sunday to save room for all the fun we had on Saturday at the hubs 10 year high school reunion football game. This is the only picture I captured of the day.

That's all for now. Biggest upside to this whole trip? I didn't have to survive the traditional Monday :)

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