Monday, October 21, 2013

monday just keeps coming

Our weekend was pretty great without too much fuss. Friday night we had a yummy dinner at an Italian restaurant in our town's older downtown area. We met up with my with Will's brother and his wife, and our niece and nephew. They are the sweetest little kids and I love spending time with all four of them. And you heard it here first folks, gender reveal season is the new wedding season. We went to not one, but two gender reveal parties this Saturday, and both were a blast. Our neighbors will be welcoming a little girl soon, and one of Will's best friends and his wife will be having a boy. Of course I got no pictures of any of the above (insert fist punching emoticon because I seriously suck at taking pictures and need to get with the program).

I have to admit, the whole theme of baby-baby-baby all weekend really gave me the fever. I'm not really sure how to describe sharing in such a special time with someone. Thrilling? Exciting? Humbling? It's kind of like a few hours of Christmas if that makes sense. Get's me super excited for our future kiddos.

I've been looking forward to the holiday season for the past few weeks now, and IDK if I can handle my usual form of celebrating. Maybe I'm old, but after the craziness of the wedding, moving, a summer full of celebrations... I just don't know if I have another 2 months of marathon partying left in me. This may be the season of relaxed celebrations instead of partying till the wee hours of the morning. I am tired of feeling like garbage from lack of sleep (and excess of fun) on the weekends. Yup, officially old.  In other news...

1. I finally decided on what camera to buy. Nikon D3100. I was leaning toward a Canon Rebel the entire time I've been doing my search, but I think the Nikon is my best bet. I am by no means trying to become a pro, and this seemed like a much better fit as a "starter" camera. I don't plan to order for a couple days, so any inside scoop on this bad boy (or the Canon), good or bad, is appreciated.

2. I've been struggling over what pattern rug to get for our entry way, and I feel in love with this one over the weekend. Pottery Barn, you never let me down. The Thanksgiving catalog came this weekend and there are soooo many things I want! If you haven't been on their site lately, I suggest you head on over. Some of my favorites pinned here.

3. They somehow keep getting cuter and cuter.

That's all for now. Linking up with Sami. Happy Monday folks!
jamiedawn said...

glad to see i'm not the only one with a fever these days for the babies! and, i have the canon rebel t2i and i love it. i've bought a few "nice" lenses over the years and i've learned a lot about the thing. it was my first real camera, and i'm sure one day i'll upgrade, but ive had it for over 3 years. it takes a beating (it's always thrown in my purse. i know. i'm awful) and it still takes amazing photos everytime. i didn't really do much research when i bought one though so i really know nothing about nikon. one of my favorite bloggers did a FAQ and said that she used the t2i so i figured if it was good enough for her, it was good enough for me! this got really long really quick! ha! good luck on the camera purchase!!

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