Monday, November 4, 2013

another monday, another update

The end of last week was crazy. No significant plans, just one of those weeks where I couldn't manage to get ahead. I was craving margarita pizza, but didn't feel like going anywhere to pick one up, so I decided to throw one together and it wasn't half bad. I've been taking dinner lately as an opportunity to play with my camera and the different settings. I've managed to get a couple of cool looking pictures, I love having a "real" camera!

Then this weekend, we finally painted the house. While we were hard at work, Holly and Sadie really enjoyed some yard time. It's like they know winter is coming, and are soaking up all the sun they can.

I will do a full post on paint extravaganza 2013, but this is a sample of the color we chose. Considering basically every item and surface in our home is a neutral, this will take some getting used to... But I think I love it! I'll love it even more when we get some curtains up and figure out what decorations should go where.

This weekend we also found out some good friends are building in our neighborhood! I could not be more excited for this news. I am of course happy for their family. That they’ll be getting a new home and starting a new adventure. But I am even more happy to have some more neighbors that I absolutely adore. I tell pretty much anyone who will listen how much I love our house and our little development. The people, the homes, the views, all the trees, how friendly everyone is. God really blessed us with the perfect fit for us, and I cannot wait for our pals to join in on the fun.

Brittany said...

How fun that your friends are moving into your neighborhood!! I one day hope that we are neighbors with our friends too :)

Shelley – Little Midwest Ramblings said...

how awesome that you've got friends moving into your neighborhood! every time a house goes up for sale in our neighborhood i always tell people i know. i love having friends live close by!

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