Wednesday, December 18, 2013

brain dump

really wanted to the Simplified Life Planner. But they were sold out. And don't know they day I get the email saying my May Book (backup preference) had shipped, I get an email saying there are more Simplified's in stock? Such is life. I hope the May Book ends up working out for me, because I really wanted that dang Simplified Planner! I'm banking on the small size being key to every day use.

So this weekend is basically Christmas. For me at least, because that's when my family gets to town and the festivities begin. Food, Christmas shows, food, shopping, more food, and overall quality girl time. The last time my Mom say the house we had just put in the offer, and didn't even have the keys yet. I am so happy to get her opinion on everything and have her roaming the halls. Moms really make a house a home don't they?

I realized today I've been at my new job about a fourth of the time I spent at my old job. And I feel like I worked at my old job for a million years. Crazy how time flies!

I have no idea why I don't watch more Giuliana and Bill. She is hilarious and Bill is too cute. I don't really support E! these days but for them I can make an exception.

My dog has had a cold for a week and she sounds like Darth Vader. Every time she breaths I wish I was wearing earplugs. I think it's time to go to the vet. I love her, and I am sure it's not to pleasant for her poor stuff snout, but good grief the wheezing is driving me mad!

I never paint my nails red, but something came over me at Walgreens today. I kind of love it.

That's all for now folks. Happy Wednesday! It's almost Christmas!
Brittany said...

I love the nails! Great color for Christmas!

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