Monday, December 2, 2013

thanksgiving + weekend recap

What a week. I'm sure along with the rest of the working world, I'm a big mix of absolutely dreading going back to work, and a full happy heart for all of the fun to come over the next month or so. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I squeezed in a ton of shopping and friend+family time, and not nearly enough pictures. Our week looked something like this.


After a full work day Will and I packed, got the house locked up, put the dogs in the car and headed to Chicago to spend a few days with my Mom and sisters. This was our first long car trip with the dogs, and they behaved much better than I ever expected. They were pretty well behaved at my Mom's too. Normally we board them when we have to be away over night, but this was a much better situation for all parties involved. I love that the puppies were able to be a part of the holiday, and we saved ourselves some money. More for holiday shopping!


Wednesday was my sister's 15th birthday so I promised her a day of whatever she wanted. We started the morning with Starbucks then headed to the mall.

This girl is 100 times more stylish than I was in high school (possibly more so than I am now if we're being honest) and she scored a ton of cute new items. She rarely asks for anything new, and most of the time won't even accept when I try to buy her things, so it was nice to spoil her for a day.

After shopping we picked up the littlest sissy and Will, then headed off to see Catching Fire. As expected, it was amazing. I am obsessed with the books and it's nice that for once the movie remake of a series I love didn't disappoint (yes I'm looking at you Twilight Saga). We finished off the night with TV and good food + drinks at home with Mom, and just prepared for Turkey day.


Food. Food. Food. Drinks. TV. Food. Something like that. And I hate to say it, but we even went to a couple of stores around 9pm. I was completely prepared to boycott shopping until Friday, because I firmly believe everyone should have the option to be off work, but that's not how the cookie crumbled. Paige wanted to exchange one of her birthday gifts, and I actually needed something from Target, so it just worked out that way.


We spent the morning with more you guessed it shopping. This almost never happens, but I think I'm shopped out. Mom joined in on the fun this time. We skipped the mall and ran through Nordstrom Rack, World Market, and Home Goods. We called it quits around noon so Will and I could head back to Ohio. We got home around seven in the evening and as nice as our trip was, I'm always happy to spend an evening just being together at home after traveling.


I was up bright and early to prepare for Meggy's big day. Megan has been one of my closest and most loyal friends since we met about eight years ago, and I was beyond excited to watch her get married. Her fiancé is wonderful and they are honestly the perfect couple.

Another of our close friends and his wife also recently got married and live in Cincinnati, so we made the 2 hour or so drive to the wedding together. The ceremony was perfect and the reception venue was GORGEOUS. We got married on a  chilly weekend in May and I swear the weather yesterday was just a tad cooler than the temperatures we had. Megan looked beautiful and I know those two will have a lifetime of happiness.

They are off tomorrow to St. Lucia to honeymoon at the same resort we visited, and I am extremely jealous. Take me back!


By the grace of God, I wasn't hungover Sunday morning. I was able to print off pictures for some empty frames we have lingering around, make some pretty amazing dip to snack on all day, and order this rug from Joss & Main. I'm in love with the rug, but I have no clue where I'm going to put it… Hoping it looks good in our entry way or office. If not, I know I can put it somewhere in the master.

The rest of the day was spent making progress on addressing our Christmas cards and planning for our party this weekend. And that my friends about wraps it up. The perfect amount of fun, busy, relaxing, and being productive all at the same time. I can't believe there are only three weeks until Christmas. I know this month is going to fly by. Here's to the jolliest weeks of the year!
Heather Marie said...

What a great weekend! My sister who is in high school is way stylish then I ever was... Te not fair! Haha!

Katie said...

Busy busy lady!!! So glad your travels and Thanksgiving was good.

I'm loving that rug! That will look awesome in your house! Are you guys getting ready for your big party?

Brittany said...

Very busy but sounds like you had a great time. I too was all about boycotting the stores but in the end we ended up at target and walmart around 10 that night.

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