Tuesday, December 10, 2013

home updates + dedicating space

We've been busy bees lately trying to the the first floor somewhat "finished". 

The laundry room.

We recently decided to make the laundry room a craft room, rather than just a room for the dogs like we have been using it. The thought of using over 100 square feet of the house on the dogs, when they sleep in our room anyway, just didn't sit well with me.

I had been using one of the upstairs spare rooms as my own personal office, and Will had been using the real study downstairs as his. That has been really confusing as far as where to keep what, so we decided to just share the office, and put my sewing machine and art supplies in the laundry room, aka future craft room. That also frees up a bedroom for when we start adding little people to the family.


Halo paint on three walls + Clear Skies paint as an accent wall. Both by Benjamin Moore.

To Do:

-I need some type of craft station. The builder's website shows this room with a high top table against the window with stools, but I don't really like the idea of blocking the sunlight and views outside. I will have my eyes open for ideas until something looks good.

-I also plan to add a good amount of shelving for all my crafty things.

-Find a surface for the top of the washer and dryer to make it a folding station.

-Pick out some accents or a piece of art for these walls. I like the clean airy feel, but it could use a little something. 

The Foyer.

Updates: Halo paint.

To do: Nothing on my list. Keeping my eye out for more wall decorations.

The family room.

Updates: Christmas decor, a shelf, and a storage bench/ottoman.

To do: Curtains.

The office.

This room has pretty much been done since we moved in.


Paint. The color is a nice blue picked out by my husband, without me. He never bothered to ask the name, so we'll just go with blue.

To do:

Nothing on my list.

The kitchen + dining room.


New Rug from Joss and Main for under the dining table. Display shelves in the corner. Dark blue island (in the mystery color from the office).

To do:

Not a thing! I'm thinking about more curtains, but still on the fence.

Love how things are coming along!
Kaysie said...

Your home is making me drool. The double doors! The big windows! The white doors! So much envy. I can't wait to have a home more permanent so I can decorate and really do what I want with it.

lex said...

We totally do have the same color blue in our houses! Love it! Also that deep blue color is gorgeous. Your house is charming!! Xo

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