Tuesday, December 3, 2013

looking back

One of my favorite things to do when I want to just take a few minutes to think, is try to remember what I would have been doing exactly one year ago on any given day. Or two, or three, you get the picture.

Exactly one year ago today I was still working at my old job in our Florence, KY location. It was a small office with just me, my boss, and one other employee. They were both a pretty big riot, so I was probably snickering the day away at their antics while working my but off (we were all ways busy).

December 2012

We were just six months out from the wedding and preparing for the holidays, so there’s a good chance I had a to-do list a mile long. We were also still in the old house, so I would have driven home from work to enjoy an evening of city noises and possibly a date night to one of our favorite restaurants in town.

Exactly two years ago today, who knows what I could have been doing. I wasn’t living with Will yet, and I was still in school and working at a different job than the one I was at a year ago. My day probably consisted of a busy day at work, and taking a long lunch to either study for or take a final (I graduated in mid December of that year, 2011).

After work in those early weeks of our relationship I’d always rush home and wait for Will to get home from work so we could do something together. Come to think of it, we already had purchased Holly at this point, so I probably went straight to his house after work to let her out. I had to keep a key early on in our relationship to help take care of the dogs. I’m sure his best friend/roommate at the time just loved me.

Three years ago today. I will even humor myself and try to remember what I would have been doing in early December of 2010, three whole years ago. I sometimes to forget I had an entire life before my husband and the little world we have created for ourselves. My days around then probably went something like this. Wake up around 10am and still feel like that is entirely too early. Drag myself to school. Come home to clean the apartment and do homework. Go to work all evening and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning. Repeat. Pepper in a few trips to visit friends, a bit of drama over whatever horrible relationship I was trying to salvage at the time, and way too many nights out, and that about wraps it up.

Fairly sure this was taken December of 2010

Isn’t it crazy how much can change in a year or three?
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