Friday, March 7, 2014

5 things i'm jazzed about this week

There are ALL KINDS of things to be pumped about this week. Linking up with Natasha.

1. The Big Reveal

At approximately 5:15pm tonight, we will be finding out if come August we'll be brining home a son or a daughter. I still can't believe I'm going to be someone's mother, and finding out the sex will make it that much more real. Not to mention we can seriously narrow down names, and start shopping. I've wanted a girl for as long as I can remember, but the idea of a boy is definitely growing on me. We've got a pretty great gender reveal photo shoot planned, and I can't wait to see the looks on our faces when we find out.

2. The Eagle

Saturday we're heading down to the city to eat with some friends at The Eagle in OTR. It has been a million years since I've been to to a new restaurant in OTR, so I can't wait to check one off of our "must try" list. If you live in the Cincinnati area and haven't been to any of these little gems, you are truly missing out. We also haven't seen enough of these particular pals since we moved, so I'm also looking forward to catching up.

I had to whip up a quick dinner Wednesday night, and I decided to try a new Alfredo recipe. Holy delish. I had never made an Alfredo sauce with sour cream before, and it didn't disappoint. I had the whole thing ready to eat with about 1 minute of prep time, and 9 minutes of cook time. Can't get much better than that.

4. The Great Debate

Stay at Home Mom vs Working Mom. Which one will I be? I've been putting a lot of thought into this lately, and pray we make the right decision for our family. I am loving all the blog posts out there about other mamas making this decision. All the perspectives are really helpful in weighing our options.

5. Girl Time

It has been an embarrassingly long time since I've had an entire day of girl time. Whether that be with myself, or with friends. Thank heavens one of my closest friends Megan has swept in to save the day.

She had the great idea to come down on a Friday and spend the entire day doing what we do best. Shopping, eating, and getting pedicures. Meg will be driving in from town, so the least I can do is take off work, right? I haven't seen her since her wedding, and can't wait to hear all about the honeymoon and newlywed life in person! Her and her husband (who Will and I love) went to the same resort as us, so I can't wait to compare stories.

That about wraps it up! Really this whole post could have been about item number one. So excited to find out the big news!
Katie said...

Eeeeeek! You must text me once you know the news. Can't believe it is here already.

You will also have to let me know how the Eagle is. It is on our list to try as well.

So exciting about the possibility of being a SAHM. It will be the right decision, whichever you choose!

Shelley – Little Midwest Ramblings said...

the eagle is sooo good! you must try the bacon! depending on what time ya'll are down there, we may run into you on saturday. our plan is to hit up the eagle before bockfest!
can't wait to hear your news about what you guys are having! and best of luck as you decide whether you'll be a working mom or a stay at home mom!

LB @ Table For One said...

That fried chicken looks divine! Can't wait to find out what you're having!

Sarah said...

I am dying to try the Eagle, can't wait to hear how it is!

Caitlyn {Home Sweet Ruby} said...

Yay so exciting you'll be finding out the sex of the baby! Have fun this weekend!

Brittany said...

so excited to find out what you are having!! Can't wait to see the pictures.

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