Monday, May 19, 2014

One Year

Exactly one year from the day we got married!

One year. In some ways a year is nothing, an almost insignificant amount of time. In other ways, it sounds like an eternity. I know one thing for sure, my first year of marriage, May 2013-May 2014 was definitely the best year, and probably most exciting of my entire life.

I struggle to find the correct words to explain how amazingly wonderful this year has been, without making it sound perfect. Nothing and no one is perfect, and we are far from the exception to that. But when you love someone more than you love yourself, the trials and bad days and "hard" moments- aren't really hard at all. They are less hard, and more challenging. Testing moments I guess. And most importantly, they are only half as difficult and twice as rewarding to get through, because they are shared with someone you know loves you more than they love their self too.

In an nutshell, my our first year of marriage has kicked ass. There is no one on this earth that I would rather be taking this journey with. Getting engaged and planning a wedding, planning a marriage really, is a scary thing. You don't know what will happen. There are a million people offering up their opinion on you and your spouse and the institution of marriage in general. There are critics and cynics and luckily a few cheerleaders. Luckily for me, with each day that has passed- we are making our cheerleaders proud and proving the critics and the cynics who don't believe that there are good, lasting, Christian, marriages still in existence wrong.

Now I know we're just a year in. There is time for life to throw us plenty of curve balls. But I also know that there is no challenge or curve ball that we can't get through together. Being married to my husband has been the greatest decision I could have ever, and will ever make. Each day that passes makes that more and more clear.

Some highlight of our first year as a married couple:

-Packing up and selling the first home Will owned, and the first home we lived in together. The home where we fell in love and the home that holds the living room where we got engaged.

-Our first "buying a house" experience together, and moving into what very well may be our "forever" home. Where we will bring home our first child and where we will make all of our first memories as a family. Where she will have all of her childhood memories and probably many more.

-Throwing our first party in the new house for Christmas. Hosting my Mom and sisters for a few days over the holiday, and getting to celebrate as a family.

-Finding out just before Christmas we were expecting a baby.

-Me getting a new job. Will's company being sold, and him being a part of a new company (which he has kicked butt for and I am SO PROUD).

The list could go on, but these are the big ones.

I feel so lucky to "do life" with my husband. Thank you God for a man that makes me laugh every single day, and provides unwavering support and love. Here's to many, many, more years together.

Happy one year to up!
Hannah said...

Happy First Anniversary! It sounds like you all had a wonderful first year of marriage! Isn't it the best thing to "do life" with your very best friend? It is such a wonderful gift and blessing from God. May this next year of your marriage be even more blessed and even more full of love and laughter.

Brittany said...

Happy happy anniversary.

Allison said...

Awwww...what a special year!!! New house, baby, parties?! So many great things and so many more to come. :)

Kayla MKOY said...

SO many wonderful things to celebrate, and especially that new ADORABLE bump of yours. You two are so cute. Congrats!!

Erin LFF said...

What an amazing first year :) Congrats girly!

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