Thursday, May 29, 2014

a few things...

We're in the third trimester! Hallelujah! 

Work is seriously kicking my butt. This is nothing new, but the weeks FLY by. Unfortunately they are not only flying by in a "Yay, we are closer and closer to the due date" kind of way- but also flying in a "Holy crap I still haven't sent in our hospital paperwork, started thank you cards from my first shower, or done plenty of the million other things on my to do list" kind of way.

Speaking of work, just the thought of finishing projects and updating files for someone to take over when I start my leave is terrifying. Absolutely terrifying.

Did you know if you skip four tolls in Chicago, then forget to go online and pay them, that they will send you a bill for $80? Because they will. So not happy about this.

I need to make a hair appt. And an eye appt. And an appt to use my anniversary gift certificate from Will for a prego lady spa day. And possibly a maternity photo appt. Meh. Do I actually need maternity photos? Opinions welcome!

I also have no clue when to start my maternity leave. A week before? Two weeks? Do first time moms really tend to deliver late? Because I know a lot of people who have experienced the opposite. Opinions welcome on this one too.

And last but not least, I spent $100 in the past three weeks in my work's cafeteria. You heard me right. Operation pack lunch DAILY started today, and I hope I can keep it up. Talk about a ridiculous amount of money on a bunch of sandwiches and salads that are good, but not that good.

That's all for now. Maybe one day I will take (and upload) a picture again?
Hannah said...

Yay for being in the third trimester! Not too much longer! I hope you are able to finish your work projects before too long -I'm sure you will, don't stress about it!

I think it's different for each mama and how you are feeling as to when you take your maternity leave. I planned on working up to the minute of when my labor started, I figured there is just no way to know when the baby will come so I might as well just work as long as I could. Plus, it would keep me busy and I would still be bringing home some bacon :) My peanut decided to come nearly four weeks early anyhow, so I wouldn't have even planned to take off that far in advance!

We got some maternity pictures and I love having them! If you do get so e taken, I'm sure they'll turn out beautifully!

Brittany said...

I've never been pregnant or anything but I vote yes yes yes on maternity pictures. They are so cute and such a great memory to have.

Tess @ AModernSuburbanitesLife said...

I so want maternity pictures. and yes, I am hemmoraging money on lunch out at work. its a serious problem.

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