Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So you're gonna DIY your backyard...

Yes, yes we are. And I am way too excited about it, as being outside in our yard is one of my favorite little things about life. We're thinking something like this, with a more natural looking deck, and more greenery.

This is the exact wood stain/deck type I have in mind. Just not attached to the house, but free standing like the above.

This all started a few months ago, when I realized that it was basically impossible to sit outside on the deck and enjoy the sun in the evenings… because our deck is 95% shaded by the house by about 4:00pm. First world problems, I know. I decided to easily remedy this little situation with a blanket out in the yard. Unfortunately, a blanket on the ground is not that comfortable. This got me to thinking about how to make better use of our yard. I’d like to eventually get a pool, but this will be probably 10+ years down the road. I’d also like to get a swing set for Norah, but this doesn't help those of us over the age of 10.

Corner landscaping = must.

I decided it’d be nice if we could put a picnic table or some type of lounge seating area at one of the back corners of our yard. The corner I always stare at and post on Instagram most likely. This corner...

...that has plenty of space to the right of it. Ignore the rain above and puppy blocking the view below :)

Anyhow. I personally have no problem looking like a hillbilly with random lawn furniture strewn about the yard until we are able to put in a patio at the bottom of the deck, but Will wasn't so keen on that idea. A free standing deck solves all of our problems. Did I mention I also want to start a garden? I’m not sure what I want to grow exactly. Definitely some herbs and flowers. Probably a tree and some vegetables.

Eventually we'd like a fire pit too. And I love the idea of outdoor rocking chairs.

Insert the blog world and Pinterest. All pics from this post are from this Pinterest board BTW. Non of them are exactly what I want, but all of them have a feature that I love. After a lot of digging one morning, an entire set up came to me. And it was actually something we can probably afford to do/learn to do ourselves within a summer or two. Even better, Will loves likes the idea. And as I've basically finished the nursery (busy body over here), my next project is born.

Corner landscaping. Garden. Decking. Fire pit. I cannot wait to add all of these features to our little abode. I plan on dragging Will out in the next couple of weeks to price supplies and plants. Wish us luck! Linking up with Ashley for the It's the Little Things series.
Erin LFF said...

SO exciting!! :) I can't wait until we can re-do our backyard, it's a mess right now. If we get good weather Saturday, Jared and I are hoping to tackle our FRONT yard, eek!

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Beautiful backyard!!

Brittany said...

You have some great plans! It will look amazing when you are done.

Zelle B. said...

Love your backyard!

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