Monday, May 5, 2014

two in one

When Will and I got engaged and sat down to select a wedding date, the options were limited. We got engaged in the Spring of 2012, and I knew I wanted to get married in the Spring or Summer of 2013. With Will also set to graduate with his MBA in May of 2013, both of us having Spring/Summer birthdays, and the slew of other weddings we were already invited to or in that year, the pickings were slim. But when I selected May 11th, it sounded perfect and I was more than Happy with 5-11-13.

I didn't realize that our anniversary would fall on Mother's Day weekend until the florist I wanted told me she didn't take on weddings on such a big weekend for flower sales. Even when I did realize- I didn't care. I share my birthday with Father's Day weekend, so I chalked it up to another weekend that would always bring two reasons to celebrate instead of one.

My Dad and I a few years ago during our Father's Day and birthday combo celebration.

Now as we approach our first wedding anniversary, that falls exactly on Mother's Day, which will also be my first Mother's Day as a Mom (Mom-to-be still counts in this house!) the whole thing seems rather appropriate.

Since our wedding date I've planned to return to our ceremony and/or reception site to take a picture and relive a bit of our special day. This year we'll not only attend Mass on our anniversary at the place we got married, but we're also able to attend a Mother's Day brunch at the golf club where our reception was held! I cannot wait to relive the most special day of our past, and talk about all that is to come in our future as parents. I also can't wait to eat our one year old wedding cake. Our cake was seriously amazing and I could have eaten (and probably came close to eating) 100 pieces of it.

So happy in this moment!
We will also be exchanging the traditional first year gifts of "paper", and I'll get my first Mother's Day gifts from Will and Norah. I seriously cannot wait!

Happy Monday!
Shelley said...

how fun that your first wedding anniversary also falls on your first mother's day!? congrats on both!

Pete Main said...

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James Hozy said...

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