Friday, February 3, 2012

Confessional and Fill in the Blank Friday

This has not been my week.

Nothing overly tragic has happened, no. But every day it seems like its been something.

Oversleeping. Things not going right at work. Having to work THROUGH the weekend. Today takes the cake, woke up to a non functioning furnace. In 30 degree weather. Fail. 

Guess it's hard to follow such a killer weekend.

I think maybe I'm just in a funk. I have plenty of things to be happy about, to look forward to and to cheer me up on a daily basis...

...but I feel like something just isn't quite right. 

It just seems like there just aren't enough hours in the day to work, relax, spend time with the pups or the bf, cook, clean. Don't even think about fitting in working out or spending time with my friends and family (who mostly live out of town). 

I will definitely be spending some time this weekend trying figure out how to better organize me life. 

On that note, I have a LOT to confess this week, linking up with A Blonde Ambition

1. I am spending Super Bowl Sunday with W and his parents. We will be watching the game, eating yummy food, relaxing and receiving the gifts they got us in Hawaii.

I am way more excited about this than I was at the thought at drinking too much for a Sunday at a bar.


2. I am an over feeder. My puppy is fat. The vet says to feed her less but I am a sucker for the cute home made treats available at the abundance of pet stores in the area.

3. I haven't cleaned out my car in weeks. Maybe months. And as a person who is used to  keeping a lifetimes supply of clothes/shoes/junk in their vehicle (ironic since I am rarely in it), this is still borderline Hoarders.

Add it to the to do list.

4. I am ready for summer. I know a lot of you are holding out for snow but who are you kidding. Everyone knows sunny days, windows down and summer fun is MUCH better than salting driveways and keeping track of gloves.

Not happy with the groundhog right now.

Rant over. On a lighter note...

Fun fill in the blank with The Little Things We Do

1.   If money wasn't an issue, the first thing I'd cross of my life list is traveling the world with my friends and family. I'd do it a few times with different people. I have never been out of the country and most of my friends and family haven't either, I'd love to give them that gift. 

My grandmother was a German immigrant. My mother hasn't been there since she was a small child and I'd love for us to all go back together.

2.  Weird smells like gas and nail polish remover is something I like that other people think is weird.

3.  If my life were a movie right now, the title would be Changes. Though I have never been more happy with my life I feel like in the past 6 months literally everything about it has changed. All For the Better. I am SO clever :)

4.  Three things I am looking forward to this month are   Valentine's Day, my Dad trying a new treatment for his heart and it hopefully fairing better than the last and KEY WEST!

5.  My favorite song to sing in the shower is Wicked show tunes. If you haven't seen it, you're depriving yourself.

6.  If I found out that the production of   flavored coffee creamer  was ending this month, I'd go out and buy as much as I could tomorrow. Kind of a weird one but I COULD NOT live without the stuff.

7.  One thing I'll never grow tired of is my little sisters. There are MANY more things I could mention, but they never cease to amaze me with their antics and I love them more than life.
Tara said...

Seeing your dogs makes me miss my own pup! I'm at school right now, so I only get to see him when I'm at home. Yours are adorable, by the way. And yeah, it has been one of those weeks...Hope the next one is better for you!

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