Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why am I blogging at 1 AM on a Saturday?


I am getting old and can no longer handle hitting the town on Friday and Saturday.

Will has been asleep since before 11. I guess he's getting old too.

I can't sleep. Seriously, I am wide awake. Contemplated cleaning the floors. Obviously this is a better option. There's always tomorrow right?

Who knows why. But I am.

Moving on.

The day is almost here. In just 2 more days I will be on my way to Key West! I've gotten plenty of ideas of where to go and what to do from friends who have travelled there, so it should be an amazing trip.

I have been to Florida many times, but never Key West, so I am beyond excited.

Beach + warm weather + love of my life = complete jackpot.

Speaking of the love of my life, I realized something last night.

Will, one of my best friends Meg and I were at our usual weekend hangout and I was chatting with a girl that grew up on his street. We run in to her from time to time at bars and she is always hilarious and friendly. She asked how things were going with he and I since she'd been in town last. I told her amazing, as they have been. Then I realized something.

Will and Meg, trying to dance

That is the answer I always give people when they ask about my relationship. "Amazing". As I am realizing this I started to question myself. There has got to be a more detailed, sincere way for me to explain to people the fabulosity of my romance without sounding like I'm A, giving a generic answer or B, a total cheese ball.

But amazing is all I ever have. As I am considering this amazingness I also realized, through living together, getting a dog together, sharing bills and chores and ups and downs and life together, I have not ONCE ever complained, vented or breathed a negative word to anyone about Will. And I haven't wanted to.

I am not from the school of never talking about relationship problems, issues, etc with friends. I complain or vent or whatever you want to call it A LOT. Probably something I should work on.

I am kind of a complainer. But never about this silly guy.

As I am still deciding who in my real life I want to know about this blog, he doesn't read the posts yet, but he will. And when he sees me gushing, and his head swells to 10 times the normal size, hopefully this embarrassing picture will knock it back down to normal ;)

Anyway, I am truly blessed. Finding such an amazing match for myself has made me believe that absolute bliss is possible in so many more areas of life that I previously thought you had to settle in.

He's made me raise my standards for everything. Changed my life for the better in so many ways.

World, the bar for you is now higher. DO NOT let me down.

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