Sunday, February 26, 2012

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Holly had a vet appt this week. Poor baby has an ear and eye infection :( Vet says it is from her big floppy lab ears trapping moisture in her ear canal.

He also commented on her freakishly long body and tiny limbs and head. We love her anyway :)

In other dog news, Sadie has decided to channel her inner puppy and sleep on Holly's bed. 

Sadie is 70 pounds and 5 years old. She has the entire couch and guest bed to use, but this is what she chooses. A little pink bed designed for a new born puppy. I do not understand this dog, but we love her too.

@ The UC game. Go Cats!

We won!

Had to do my make up at work once this week. This is what I grabbed on my way out of the door. Some of my all time favorites.

Pretty much obsessed with all of these products and I think I will use them for the rest of eternity.

Concealer, NARS
Bronzing Blush Victorias Secret

I couldn't find a link for the VS blush. I got it in stores so it may not be available online. VS is always changing their products anyway. Love that place but I do NOT like it when I look for something I've fallen in love with and can't find it. 

Still bitter they no longer sell my favorite body spray. Blushing Romance? Something-ing Romance? IDK, but I loved it.

That is my week in photos.

Happy Sunday :)

Bubble My Licorice said...

what a great post!
I wish you to have an awesome weekend :)

Married...with a Pup said...

Yay, go bearcats! My husband went to UC =) Love the pics of the pups, too cute!

Brit said...

Thank you!

Brit said...

Thanks, I love them. I love UC too. I am not originally from here but I've totally fallen in love with Cinci!

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