Monday, March 5, 2012

Long Time No Post

For good reason. Life is busy! Not to mention, amazing vacation.

Key West was unbelievable.

BTW, these pictures are not in any certain order.

Good Bye Cinci, you were not missed. Descent into Miami

The pool at our beach house

Southernmost Point just before sunset


After a day at the beach

Obviously had to take a picture of this

They had a nice menu outside

Little chicks that lived in the lot across the street

@ the hotel we snorkeled and jet skied from

Dinner time

About to depart for my first time snorkeling

Waiting for the boat

Best bar we went to by far. And there were 350 to choose from

Most disgusting beer ever. Do not buy it

Having a blast on our first beach vacation together

At Southernmost Beach Cafe. We went there every day to eat, drink and lay out. Loved it

View from the restaurant 

On the shuttle, heading to our flight

@ Margaritaville

@ the Hard Rock Cafe Key West

Last but not least, the monsters after we picked them up from the kennel. Guess we weren't the only ones who partied too hard ;)

I may or may not have had to have Will's parents pull over on the drive to the airport so I could get sick. I then proceeded to "get sick" again. At the airport. While checking bags. In front of multiple families.

Not my finest moment, but at least they knew I had a good time on my last night in Florida!

There are no words for the great time we had. It went by entirely too fast. One of the things I love most about Will is that not only is he my boyfriend, but one of my best friends. We can shop, party and just hang out together and have an absolute blast.

Speaking of shopping, he picked me up this wonder on our trip to the Lilly store so I have something to wear to a couple events we have this summer.


Unfortunately, while we were gone tornados and storms ravaged the Tri-State area we live in. Lost of lives and property were damaged and destroyed.

Luckily our families are safe, many were not so fortunate. Praying for everyone involved.

That's all for now.

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