Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I can't believe it's Wednesday already. 
This week is FLYING by, and I'm not complaining.

Time for What I'm Loving Wednesday with This Kind of Love

As usual, I have plenty of things to love about this last week in March.
(also can't believe it's the last week in March!! Dear 2012, SLOW DOWN)

First up, I'm loving mornings.

Ok this is the opposite of where I live. 

Rather than birds and misty roads, I've got traffic noises and annoying neighbors.

BUT, that describes how I feel.

The best thing about my new job is NOT having to get up and out of the house by 8:30am.
I am totally a morning person... when the morning consists of housework or coffee or shopping or browsing the internet, at least.

I just can't seem get myself motivated to "work" at 9am, never could.

These mornings spent chatting with Will as he gets ready for work, finishing up whatever crap I didn't the night before and drinking coffee with my best friend MacBook Pro, have been some of the best I can remember.

Moving on.

I am LOVING that my super short hair cut is finally just long enough to wear curly. The way it was styled basically required I straighten out my natural curls every day and let me tell you that it has SUCKED.

Not only have I done unbelievable amounts of damage to my locks in my quest for a cute pixie-ish cut, but wasted countless hours trying to style it like my hair girl did. A goal that was never achieved.

I hate the dreaded "middle" length I am approaching right now, BUT I am pumped I can now wash my hair, put it in a clip and let the curls do their thing.

I am loving the fact that in just FOUR DAYS my sisters, Brooke and Paige, will be coming to stay with us for the week!!!

I am beyond excited.

I'm almost 24 and those not-so-little-anymore babies are 12 and 13.

It is such a special experience to have siblings basically a generation younger than you. I love them as if they are my own daughters. I changed their diapers, fed them, played with them and rocked them to sleep as infants. Being only 15 months apart, my sweet Mom had her hands full and I loved being there to help.

As they get older I am able to step more into the fun, older sister, role model shoes.

I know once they reach adulthood we will be more like friends, so I am soaking up the "cool big sister" gig as much as I can.

No idea what we will do for fun when they get here, but I will post a lot of pics.

The one thing I love most about my girls is their childlike innocence. Many girls their age are already into things I didn't even approach until well into High School, but P & B still seem so young.

They watch Disney and Nickelodeon and play with toys and like to do arts and crafts. They dress no differently than they did a few years ago and honestly I don't think they notice or care.

I am proud of my sisters and the way my Mom has raised us and I am LOVING that we are having out first sisters week together that Mom will not be present for.

Their requests for what I make for dinner?

Moon Pies.

There are a lot more things I am thankful for, but currently I am exhausted and have a lot to get done, so this will have to do.


Meg said...

oh, you're blog is adorable.

Megan said...

Y'all are all so gorgeous! I love how close y'all are!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I am at that dreaded middle length right now and i hate it! I can't wait for it to grow out! Hope you have a great week with your beautiful sisters!


Brit said...

Thanks! Those pics are old they are so much bigger now. Cant wait to take some new ones :)

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