Sunday, March 25, 2012

What A Great Weekend

This weekend can only be described as wonderful. 

It was a bit of an extended weekend since as of Wednesday I am was officially unemployed, so that never hurts. 

Thursday I got to sleep in, relax and just enjoy my morning with the puppy monsters.

I bought Holly some new toys (Sadie refuses to play with them, she is much too sophisticated for that.) 

Holls made a game of hiding her toys in various spots around the house, including under my pillow.

Adorable. Except when you reach for your phone in the AM and grab a smelly raw hide. Bleh.


Thursday afternoon I went out to apply for some serving jobs and got hired on the spot to the first place I stopped! 

I have worked in restaurants for the past 6 years of my life, sans the past 5 months.
In High School I worked simply because I thought it'd be cool and most of my friends had jobs. 

It didn't take me long to learn you could make a lot of money serving (a lot to me at least) if you knew play your cards right, and after graduation I turned it into a way to support myself through college. 

Now that I am experiencing an early life crisis and rebelling against corporate America, it's back to my roots. And I can't wait.

Other weekend highlights: 

Finally trying the Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese recipe floating around Pinterest. Huge success.

Target splurge. Always a good time, even though I can never leave the place without spending under 50 bones. How I go in for a candle and come out with three bags full, I cannot explain.

Drinks and lunch outside to enjoy this PERFECT weather.

New blog design is about to be installed.

Mani/Pedi special at the salon just a block away fro $40 bucks. Forgot to look as usual, but I think this is my color.

Possibly something a shade softer.

Off to finish up the weekend by grilling out and watching a movie with my love!

Happy Sunday :)
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