Monday, March 26, 2012

The not so important very important things - Link Up

Linking up with The Swanky Southern Yankee today!

This is a great idea. The things that really don't matter, but absolutely do matter at the same time.

I have A LOT of little weirdo habits that I don't understand. Idiosyncrasies I suppose is the technical word.

Here we go.

1. I have to sit with my feet elevated. Even when I am at work, school, doctor's office, anywhere- I will sit indian style so my feet can be raised.

If I am in a restaurant I will do everything in my power to make sure no one sits across from me so I can rest my feet on that seat. If Will is sitting across from me, he will deal with my feet in his lap the entire meal.

When I go to people's homes with no ottoman it takes everything in my being not to put my feet on their coffee table. Whatever it takes to not have my feet touch the ground I will do it. Did I mention I have a 36 inch inseam? Longest legs ever, so this is not an easy feat. But a must none the less.

2. Hair behind the ears. Always. I obsessively swipe my side hairs behind my ears so much I am certain they will never grow to the full length of the rest of my hair. Even though those little babies are long enough to go into my pony tail, I still need them out to touch.

3. I hate the top sheet. Obviously fitted sheets are necessary, so thats fine. But the top sheet? I can never get it situated comfortably. It gets between me and my blanket. I just can't stand it and refuse to sleep with the thing.

4. When controlling the volume, I have to have it on an even number, or a multiple of five. I don't care if 11 is the perfect level, I will choose 10 or 12.

5. Cracks in the sidewalk. Lines on the floor. If I step on one with one foot, I must step on the next with the other foot.

6. When I chew food I try to put equal parts on each side of my mouth. I also try to eat the food evenly. For example a sandwich. I will take a partial bite of the crust and a partial bite of the center, so I get an even distribution of sandwich contents.

7. Even if I don't like one part of a dish as much as the other, I still eat it. I explained this to Will once and when he asked me why I did it, my immediate answer was "I don't want the other parts to feel left out."

Do I think food has feelings? Of course not. But that was my honest to God immediate reaction. Issues?

That's all I got for now. Can't wait to read everyone else's quirks!

Erin said...

I do the same thing with the volume being at an even number! It's that way with the air in the car too!

Brit said...

I knew I wasn't the only one lol this was seriously a great idea for a link up!

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