Thursday, March 29, 2012


I started my post today as "It's Ok" Thursdays.

To give me a chance to think about all of the things I want to cut myself a break for, be happy for, or vent about.

I was going to post about trivial things, but quite frankly, I'm too pissed off to post that.

In the middle of writing, I hopped over to On the main page is a story about a fight that took place during a High School Women's Soccer match.

I proceeded to read the comments, and was disgusted (unfortunately, I was not surprised) at the blatant hate, rage and disrespect toward the girl involved.

Was she wrong? Absolutely. I think she should be punished. That is not in question.

Does that make it right, under any circumstance, to stereotype, blame and degrade any group of people based on one person's actions?


I am the LAST person to ever comment on race, unless it's within my own family or close circle of friends.

I come from a bi-racial family and have friends from all backgrounds. We live our lives in many of the same ways without persecution or repression. That is something I am thankful for and normally something I take pride in. For myself, and for our country.

Until I am minding my business, reading a news story, and take a look at the comments.


I am not concerned about how many followers I have, but this is one occasion here I wish thousands of people would read my blog.

All of the hate and rage directed toward my race. ANY race, religion, lifestyle. The stereotypmg and generalizations, baffles me.

Even though I come from a highly educated family.
Even though my maternal grandmother, who was white, immigrated here from Germany as an adult to begin a life with my grandfather, a soldier, who was black.
Even though my paternal grandfather overcame the segregated society that was America generations ago, to earn not only a Bachelor's, but a Master's degree, when many high schools were still segregated.
Even though my Dad attended one of the most prestigious universities in the country.
Even though my Mom is a Center Manager for one of the largest and most thriving banking systems in the country.
Even though I supported myself through college, have achieved many of my goals, and simply want to live my life as a productive member of society.
Despite all of that.
To some people, no matter what I do, I will always be a black girl with anger problems.

I hope i can look black on this blog in 10 or 20 years (if I've managed to avoid prison, the welfare system, and my own short comings that long) and notice a radical change in the progression of the United States of America.

This goes for ALL races. I read so many news stories about the "issues" with Whites or Blacks or Asians or Hispanics. Here's a news story for you. We're all here. No one is going anywhere. Let's just make it work, OK?

How can I confidently birth a child and subject them to this bull shit? How can I raise a bi-racial child in one of the most notoriously racially charged cities in the US, knowing the people making these comments could be our neighbors?

Please take time out to share this post, the news story's comments, talk with a friend, or at least think to yourself about what YOU can do to be more accepting to the people around you. Even if they are the same color.

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