Thursday, March 22, 2012

City Life Fail

As far back as I can remember, my family has lived in the 'burbs. Huge subdivisions, lots of kids everywhere, knowing your neighbors, 5 minutes from malls and shopping centers that have everything you need.

In college however, I attended the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats) which is about as urban as you can get. 

For the past few years I have lived in a couple different neighborhoods around the city, and have loved it.

Until now.

I've mentioned before that I love our home because it is a short walk to some great bars, restaurants and coffee shops. This is all very convenient. 

Except when you don't really enjoy the bar scene anymore, are trying to eat out only once a week, and hoping to save some money by brewing your own coffee.

The appeal has been dwindling... but this past weekend was the last straw.

Long story short, someone called the SPCA on us. 

I was furious and rightfully so. We take EXCELLENT care of our two dogs and they are spoiled rotten. They stay in a spa when we leave town. Have their own sun room with doggie door so they can enter and exit as they please. Have water bowls ALL OVER the house, and even more toys. I have a hard time even killing bugs and Will is the most gentle man on the planet and we never mistreat them. Not to mention we RESCUED them both. They are up to date on their vet visits. Take all the necessary medications. The list goes on.

Guess this isn't very short.

Anyway, when the agent showed up he inspected our yard and checked Sadie and Holly's conditions. Which he said were excellent. The man was actually pretty upset himself.

Officer whatever his name was said he was sorry to have bothered us and it was obvious that someone didn't like that we had dogs, who occasionally bark.

Did I mention we live next to a bunch of condos? Bleh. 

THIS is why, I am done with the city. We are just a couple miles away from Kentucky, and are considering relocation. Better home value and MUCH more land. Not to mention that's where W works.

This may be the beginning of a house hunt. And I. Can. Not. WAIT.
Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

That is horrible ! I am sorry this happened to you! That person should be ashamed. Suppose the aspca person was a jerk and took the pups from you for no good reason! People need to handle issues on their own instead of calling in others to handle it. Glad everything turned out okay, but my gosh, what a terrible thing!

Brit said...

It was devastating!! My boyfriend wanted to go door to door at the condo but I figured that would just make it worse. They really should be ashamed. The officer had to stop by a few times before he caught us at home, so thats hours wasted that could have been spent helping animals that actually need it! Luckily alls well that ends well. Thanks for the support :)

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