Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF! Confessional and Letters

Linking up with A Blonde Ambition for confessions and Adventures of Newlyweds for letters today!

I confess that though I just got a manicure a few days ago, I couldn't resist a color change. Thank you Target and Essie for bringing Mod Squad into my life.

I confess I created a Real Estate board on Pinterest.

Still got the moving bug and I don't think it's going anywhere. 

Good news is, Will has signed on to get the house "market ready" by the end of summer. Can't wait!

I confess that I dreamed we got engaged, and I hated the ring. I feel like such a B. 

I know this will never happen because A) Will has great taste and B) we already looked so he knows what I want. I am not one of those girlfriends obsessed with getting engaged, so not sure what brought on this dream. 

Maybe a sign it's coming ?! ;)

I confess I haven't worked out since LAST SUMMER and it shows. Up 2 pants sizes. Bleh. 

I enjoy running in the warmer months but I just haven't found the motivation. Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

Dear Trendy Top people, Seriously? You could just buy a cami. Or clothes that fit. It is amazing what they're selling on infomercials these days. Dear Holly and Sadie, I love you pups more than life but you are driving me CRAY. Momma is not ready for playing in fetch at 8am. Try to keep your composure till around 10 from now on. Dear Neighbors, Stop calling the police on us. It is not illegal for a dog to bark occasionally in the middle of the afternoon. You are wasting valuable police time. I think we all know Cincinnati has bigger problems. They rarely bark, so deal with it. Dear Mother Nature, Please give us good weather next week. Everything I want to do with my sisters is outdoors. If you fail me, I will be forced to come up with an entirely new plan. Dear Boyfriend, Thank you for being you. Always silly and light hearted, even when I tell you to be serious. You've been working so hard at work and grad school, I can't wait to spend the weekend with you!

Happy Friday :)

Kendra said...

If my eighbor called the police on me I would scream and possibly kill..kidding, I love my neighbors, but seriously my dog barks a ton...and mostly because my neighbors are making noise. That's redic.

Brit said...

I know. Such a pain! Thanks for stopping by :)

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