Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Time Travel Tuesday + Tail Wagging Tuesday

There were so many fun link ups I wanted to participate in today, but I settled for two.


First up, pics with my fur baby, Holly.

As my photos are completely disorganized, these are in no particular order.

HELP! Dad is smashing my head!

Love her :)

 Now for Time Travel Tuesday with The Magnolia Pair!

What was I doing last year at this time?

That is hilarious to even think about.

My life has varied GREATLY from year to year. The past 365 moons is no exception.

On March 27, 2012, I was probably in my apartment, unshowered, looking like a wreck, listening to Adele and binging on wine.

Glamorous. Not.

In February, I got dropped by the guy I was dating at the time. It was a blessing in disguise for a billion reasons. The most important being:

 - It opened me up to meet Will


- My ex was an emotionally unstable train wreck

Hind site is always 20/20.

Anyway, I was a wreck. I was sure that if I couldn't keep someone as.... simple (to put it kindly) as him, how could I get anyone better?

Classic just-got-dumped logic that seriously makes no sense.

I actually dropped classes because I couldn't get it together enough to focus on school. I would like to go back and slap 2011 Brittany in the face for that, but I suppose everything happens for a reason.

I think it was less the guy, and more that I just did not want to be single.

All I did after this breakup was work, binge drink with my co workers, then wake up in a foolish haze wondering WHY on earth I wasn't meeting anyone half way decent.

CLEARLY, I was delusional.

Last year I didn't have this blog, but I was stalking all the same people I follow now. Around this ridic chapter of my life, I discovered Megan at Mackey Madness.

If you do not read her blog, I suggest you start.

Just as I was surely about to die of self pity, I came across this post.

It was like the heavens opened.

Why didn't I have this marvelous idea?

Now, I'd asked God to bring me the right man MANY times. But never had I asked for Him to stop bringing me anyone else before he could give me that. Never had I asked to remain single until I was ready to meet my husband.


So that is what I prayed. And that is what God gave me.

Pardon the raccoon eyes
Insert Love Story. I wish I could guarantee the same immediate results to this prayer as I received. I will take 5 months turn around time on a prayer any day of the week.

And that is sadly and happily, where I was just one year ago.

On a lighter note, some light hearted things about 2011 vs 2012

I have been introduced to a bunch of new shows. As if I needed more reasons to sit around and watch TV.

My Dad was very sick a year ago. Though his heart still is far from being 100%, 2012 has brought him much better luck in the health arena!

I had no puppies. Sad, I know.

I had yet to purchase my iPhone or MacBook. I had an average hp laptop and POS Android. Thank God I've seen the light!

Finally, I didn't have this blog.

I am having so much fun participating in link ups, actually being able to comment on posts, and meeting a new people.

Most importantly, I have started a diary of stories and pictures that I will be able to look back to next year at this time, and hopefully laugh at my old worries just as much as I am laughing at last year's today.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

Thanks girl for linking up ! I enjoyed reading your post. I'm so glad to hear that things are much better for you now, and thanks for sharing this part of your life. Glad I got to know you better :)

Brit said...

No prob. Seriously the best idea. It's crazy how much can change in a year!

J and A said...

Oh my gosh, your pup is so cute! Great photos!!

Caroline said...

So cute! Love the pup pics!

Megan said...

Your pup is precious! I'm SO SO glad that you are where you are now, happy and with the right man! I have definitely been there with an unstable ex and a dramatic relationship. It is horrible, but it makes you SO grateful for the right guy! Thanks for the sweet words! So glad that we "met!"

CMae said...

Thank you so much for picking ME as one of your link ups!! I am honored!!! :)

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