Friday, July 26, 2013

5 for Friday, what's got me through the week!

One. Staycation.

The absolute number one thing I'm loving this week is that next week, I only work one day. One measly day! Thank God for the soul who invented paid time off. Even better, the one day I do work, I'll be spending most of it at a YP networking event at the new casino Downtown. Don't mind if I do. Networking+gambling+getting paid for it=win.

Two. The weather.

I'm not sure if the weather we're experiencing here in Cincinnati is so awesome because it's perfect, or because all summer long we've been alternating between heat waves and monsoons. Topped with a hellacious amount of humidity. Either way, I'm loving it. Cool enough to drive to work with the windows down, put warm enough to really feel the sun. Low humidity, clear skies, cool breeze. Basically the weather jackpot. Hopefully it stays this way for my week off!

I live for open windows. Fresh air. Sun pouring through our home. Dogs running and lounging in the yard, because the weather is just that perfect. The outside even smells better. Keep it up mother nature.

Three. This post.

It speaks for itself. Just check it out. Beautifully written, and spot on!

Four. My brain.

I've discovered a phenomenon lately. A lot of people are morons. Now I've suspected this was true for a long time, but I've been giving a lot of people the benefit of the doubt. Lately it's been made clear to me that most people have no CLUE what they are talking about and lack common sense. I'm no rocket scientist, but I thank The Lord that I have a mind strong enough to think for itself, communicate effectively, and achieve critical thinking. Speaking of communicating, I need to devote an entire post on how people should learn how to do that.

Now I'm really wondering if the "The" in "The Lord" is supposed to be capitalized? Isn't it like "The Ohio State University"? Is it sad that's my comparison? Ohio problems.

Five. My sweet husband.

I am always loving him, but this new house and of course being married, is making it more and more apparent how wonderful he is. He is always the silly to my serious, which I desperately need sometimes. Even if other times it drives me nuts. I feel your pain Heather Dubrow. He has been working countless hours lately helping with some major changes at his company, and I know he puts in all of that hard work for me. For our future family. He lets me rule the remote (most of the time) and choose what we have for dinner. Basically, he's perfect :)

And he's serious about his margarita making. Happy Friday people!

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kelly thompson said...

well I think if The is at the beginning of the sentence it is capitalized but if not oh well....I dont think Jesus really minds all the pomp and circumstances-

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