Wednesday, July 24, 2013

right now

I think I've mentioned a few times here on le blog lately, that I've been having a bit of a struggle with appreciation. Not really being appreciative, because I absolutely am. More like appreciating the moment. Accepting that whatever is right now is enough.

Usually my gratitude is quickly followed up by feelings of "how can I make this even better" or "what do I have to accomplish next". I've thought to myself lately that now that all my time isn't devoted to wedding planning, that I need to find a new hobby. Then it finally hit me today. "Hey dumb dumb- why don't you make your marriage your new hobby. Focus on that." Duh.

I love the bald look the night sky is giving me in this one. Such a great look, right ;)

Anyhow. I spend all kinds of time doing (or trying to do at least) little nice things for Will. We have tons of fun together, and he really is my best friend. But we are both SWAMPED at work. We both have personal lives. I am not the person that spends 24/7 with their partner. I appreciate my "alone" time, and I am sure he does too! I know as time goes on and kids enter the picture, we will have less and less of this special time together just to have fun, or any alone time, which makes it that much important to really build a strong foundation now.

When you're always in a "what's next" state of mind, like I usually am, it's hard to really focus on the present
The moral of the story. I'm going to appreciate right now, more.

Wish me luck!

Allie @ Between Dreams said...

Sounds like an awesome idea! ... I'm doing the same thing right now, and I just feel sooo much... lighter xx

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