Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is it Wednesday already?

Nothing extremely exciting has been happening around the G household lately. 

We have my best friend visiting for a few days, which has been nice and helped the week go by a little faster.

I finally stopped at Pipkins on my lunch break, since it's right up the street from my office. Best fruit and the cutest little place! I will be back in a few weeks to pick up some flowers to plant.

Work is crazy. As always.

It's so hot the dogs can barely stand to be outside.

Isn't she cute?

I am trying to avoid as many forms as media as possible due to people's stupidity surrounding any remotely controversial happening in this country.

The most notable thing happening to me this week will be the arrival of the carpet cleaner I ordered from It is a must with my crazy dogs and I cannot wait to use it!

2.5 days till the weekend!

jamiedawn said...

man oh man, what is it with this summer and being so totally not "blog post" worthy?? i'm so bored these days! ugh. cute pup, though :)

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