Saturday, March 9, 2013

A few quick words to kick off your weekend.

A few of my favorite quotes.

All of these are from my Pinterest board, found here.

Today, lift someone else up. Appreciate your life, whether it's full of good things, or you have to search for them. Pat yourself on the back, just because. Hug someone that's having a bad day. Do some day drinking. Whatever gets you going.

Happy Saturday!

jamiedawn said...

i have always loved that fish in the tree quote! and i like that punctuation one!... probably because i'm a grammar nut!

Natwest said...

love the first quote said...

wow, i love that "Punctuation is powerful quote!" I had never seen that. I was an English major in college so of course it made me smile. Glad to have found your blog today! :)

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