Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up and a Mental Health Day

I have to start this post off with a shout out to Martha Stewart Pets. It was clear to me upon first laying eyes on my Holly Girl, that she was the cutest little thing that ever existed. With each month that passes, she seems to get more adorable, if that's even possible. Holly has such a little attitude, and at the same time has these sad, old-souled eyes. I could go on. And ever since I got her her new Martha collar with the bow, I just die every time I look at her.
 Sadie is pretty cute herself.

Moving on. Holy weekend. I was so worn out from Fri-Sun, yesterday at work- I was cracking up by Noon. I needed a personal day, so I am currently blogging from the couch. Sometimes you just need an entire day scheduled to do absolutely nothing, you know? I will not be doing nothing, but may be able to squeeze in an hour of nothingness, you get the point.

But back to my weekend. As usual, Friday was pretty standard. Saturday held big things for me so I went to bed pretty early. Saturday AM I went grocery shopping, mailed my invites (YAY!), scoped out a neighborhood we might be interested in, got a mani, then prepped for my mini road trip.

 Thank you Essie. I didn't write down the color, but I'm a huge fan.

Speaking of manis- F gel manicures. I am way too lazy/busy to be forced to go get my nails done at any certain time. I am also too impatient to get that junk off by soaking my nails in chemicals for what feels like ages. Am I missing something? I liked the gel at first, but I will be sticking with the old fashioned polish from now on.

Anyhow, by 2pm I was off to pick up a friend and head to Columbus. It was one of our other best pal's 25th birthday celebration, and we were going to surprise her! I think she kind of knew, but she didn't know the extent of who was coming, or that we had dinner at her favorite restaurant planned, so it was a still success.

I swear we went to at least 100 bars. Mostly on foot, in frigid temps. By the time we went to bed about 4am, I was basically dead. I can never sleep in, regardless of what time I went to bed, so we were up and ready to head home by around 9am. I really had a good time being back together with almost all my best friends, but the weekend was not over yet.

Sunday we had an afternoon appointment to meet with the sales rep for a new construction community we'd I'd been considering. The meeting went great. I love the neighborhood, the models, the floor plans. We found one that was perfect for us. The yard size was a little disappointing, but that's not a deal breaker for us. I was ready to sign right then and there, but my rational fiance brought up a pretty good point. We already own a house we need to sell, and have I mentioned we have two dogs? Not only would we have to wait for this house to get snatched up, but we'd have to live in temporary housing for 4-6 months while we waited on our new home to be built. I want new construction, but I don't know if I want it that bad.

This home buying stuff is not a joke. I already wrote about my dream home here, which it still is, but no one ever said you can't have two dream homes, right?

That about wraps it up.

My house is a cesspool (until just now I thought it was cest pool. wow). I can't even remember the last time I wedding planned, and we're out of dog food.

Yup, definitely needed this personal day.

Happy Tuesday!
Dabbling in Dixie said...

Love the mani! It's a great color :)

Anonymous said...

I. Hate. Gel. Manicures. They're the worst! Both times I've gotten one, I've regretted it when it came time to soak it off and my nails were brittle and ugly for weeks on end. I rarely get regular manicures or paint my nails myself anyway, but when I do need a little color, old-fashioned polish is the way to go :)

Looks like you had an exhausting but wonderful weekend, girl!

jessica said...

those cupcakes look pretty tasty.
you had one busy weekend, girl.

and i think your fiance is right. you need to wait and sell your house you have now before buying a new one. i have two different friends who did that and one of them has been stuck paying two mortgages for the past two years, cause they still haven't sold their old house. and my other friend, is building right now but since she hasn't sold her house yet, her budget is a lot smaller. i know you wanna move though, i totally feel ya. i am so ready i am about to scream. but i just keep telling myself, i gotta sell my house first before i can make the next step.

wow longest comment ever. sorry.
happy tuesday!

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