Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday, all the things I'm loving

Linking up with This Kind of Love for a wedding edition of what I'm loving.

When I checked one of our registries and saw this, I about fainted. It's so close! Time is flying. I won't lie, it feels like I have been planning forever. And I am ready for this wedding. But 66 days? That's going to go by in the blink of an eye.

I am loving that I FINALLY decided on our last stationary decision. I love cutesy papers and fonts but good grief, is it annoying trying to pick all that stuff out. There are so many options online, it actually makes it harder to decide what you want.

Tonight I will be ordering this lovely collection from Blue Moon Designs. I especially love the rehearsal dinner invite.

I only need some of these things since our invites were already sent out. They are a much more classic look, and I wanted something fun for the day of. I will probably get this exact color scheme, except exchanging the pink for a pale yellow, since our wedding colors are a navy and softer, pale shades of yellow.

In dress related news, the bridesmaid dresses should be in this week! I think I love them more than my own dress. I was iffy about posting what they look like before the wedding rolls around, but I decided it was no big secret really. I think I may have mentioned the designer before? Dress online here. My girls got the buttercup and we'll be ordering custom navy blue material for the belt.

The last thing I'm waiting on is my custom statement necklace. Should just be another week or two. I ordered from Amanda at Hyde Park Bridal, and it is probably my favorite thing I'll be sporting on the big day. Amanda's shop is GORGEOUS, her inventory is unique and fabulous, and she is the most friendly and helpful person. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven the first time I walked into her store. I snagged all these photos from the shop's Facebook page.

If you are within a reasonable drive to Cincinnati and are engaged/wedding planning, I suggest you book an appointment with yer yesterday.
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