Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just a few things...

Just a few things today.

1. It's my momma's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!

 Bunny ears courtesy of little sissy 1, photography courtesy of little sissy 2

2. Said momma and my sisters will be headed east from Chicago bright and early tomorrow. Can't wait it to be in a house full of girls again :) I am still adjusting to Will and his male dominated family!

3. I was hoping the weather would break for my bridal shower on Saturday. I just knew it would come around. Doesn't appear it'll be the glorious Spring day I'd imagined, but I'll take 51 over today's 32 degree temps in a heat beat.

4. I am embarking on my second hot yoga adventure tonight. Wish me luck!
Amy Lynn said...

Happy birthday to your mom!
I'm also used to a family full of girls, and my husband is from all boys! I get to see all of my sissy's soon too!

Btw, your mom looks like she should be your sister! :)

Jacqueline O said...

YAY for your bridal shower!! I can't wait to see pics from it!
P.S. I started a new wedding link-up today (and every Friday!) Hope you will start joining the party! :)

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