Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday, you never disappoint

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Some days, I am super appreciative of everything I have.

Some days, I want to punch almost everyone I see in the face.

Today, we're somewhere in the middle. Either way, as usual, this is my favorite day of the week! It's time for Friday's Letters, lets get to it.

Dear Drivers of Northern Kentucky, WHY is it so hard to use your turn signal? It takes less than a freaking second to turn it on and off. Are you that lazy? The reward far outweighs the benefit on this one. Let's try it, because road rage at 8am isn't a good look for me. Dear Self, you're 24 years old (sad it just took me a minute to remember if I was 23 or 24 #agingissues). When are you going to get it together? There comes a time when 20 minutes just is not enough time to get ready for work. I hope you can adjust, sooner rather than later. Dead Grocery Store, I hate you. NOT looking forward to our meeting this weekend. That is all.

On to a brighter note.

Dear Friday, As usual, you are the best day of my week. Can I make it through one more day of work is the real question. Dear Wedding Guests, Getting your RSVPs is so exciting! Keel 'um coming. Dear Payday, Obviously- it's nice to see you as well. Dear W, As always, thanks for being awesome. Dear God, PLEASE please please let my PaPaw start feeling better. Or maybe just cure Parkinson's? Not too much to ask right? Dear Sadie, It's your birthday this weekend! I can't believe you will be six human years old. Guess I better do some present shopping at lunch today. Dear Weather, PLEASE perk up for my bridal shower. I cannot wear a sundress in these conditions!

I will hopefully be doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend. What about you? TGIF ladies!

Helene said...

i'm 26 and still don't have it together, noooo worries haha!

Melissa Boo said...

I occasionally forget how old I am as well.

Also, paydays are the best. Why can't they be EVERY day.

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