Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dear Readers, Penny for your thoughts?

This is one big fat Dear Readers, edition of Friday's Letters.

In the past few weeks, my little blog has gone from a few followers and page views here and there, to dozens and dozens of people following along and reading every day. While this pales in comparison to many others, to me, it seems like a pretty big deal.

While I think this blog will always remain first and foremost a place for me to rant and rave, I also have bigger dreams for my little space. I hope to one day use it to promote a business (if I can ever come up with a good business idea). Or maybe promote a cause. If my wildest dreams come true, maybe one day this blog itself will be the business. Only time will tell.

What?! We're not already famous?!
Whether I never gain another reader or follower, or if I grow larger than I can even fathom today, I want to know something.

What do you think?

What makes you come back to read my posts? How did you find my blog to being with? What's your favorite topic or post? What made you decide to follow in the first place? Is there something you'd like to see more or less of? Anything you've wanted to ask me? That you enjoy seeing on blogs or new blogs in general? I'm pretty much an open book.

Whether you follow or not, feel free to send me an email or leave a comment in regards to any of the above. Or just introduce yourself so I can get to know your blog too!

Kiersten said...

I love how honest your blog seems - like you're just sharing your life! I honestly can't remember how I found you - a giveaway, I think? But whatever the way, I'm so glad I did :)
I'm happy to hear you're growing, and I'm sure you'll continue to!
<3 Kiersten

Eva @ Snappee Turtle said...

I just found your blog! You are on Olive Heart's sidebar, who I just found because she was on LIY's sidebar! I knew I couldn't answer your question without reading some of your other posts (although your caption under the photo of your dogs pretty much had me at hello) :) I will say, you are going to make a gorgeous bride all dressed in white! Are you sure your new business isn't modeling? I love that in the posts I've read that you share about your life. As long as you continue to write from your heart there will be others that connect with what you're sharing! Let me know if you want to swap blog buttons too!

Julie-Becoming A Navy Wife said...

Breaking 100 followers is fantastic! You should be excited! Like Kiersten said, you seem honest which I love. I always love to read blogs from girls who are honest and down to earth and that seems like you! I'm totally going to add to your number of followers! I can't wait to read more!!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Happy Easter!

Ashley said...

I too found your blog from LIY's post about the blogger date.

I really like how frequently you post and how down-to-earth your posts are. I've enjoyed reading your blog, and just keep on doing what you're already doing :)


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