Friday, March 1, 2013

I promise, this will make your day.


I'll keep this short and sweet. A few things I wanted to confess with Leslie.

I confess I have spent way too much time looking at home builder's websites. It's so addicting. Fingers crossed that we can meet with my current top pick this weekend, and come home with some more hope. I confess I am THIS close to wanting to replace my realtor. Is he doing anything wrong? Probably not. Do I feel like we should have more movement on the house? Absolutely.

Now on to two amazing little discoveries I think everyone should know about.

Dear Buzzfeed,
Oh my sweet, sweet, BuzzFeed. Your website has brought me more laughs than I ever thought possible. Thank you for not only cracking me up on a daily basis and helping me get through the work day, but allowing me to relive my childhood. You fill a void I didn't even know was there. If this post and this section don't move you in some way, then we can probably never be friends. Seriously, it will make your day. And take you back to much better simpler times.
Dear Beer Providing Video Game,
Where have you been all my life? Have you people heard of the The Last Bar Fighter? Apparently there's an arcade game out there that skips the tickets when you win, and instead fills up your beer. I'm still sketchy on the details, but if they're telling me what I think they're telling me, things just got real.

Dear Friday,
As always, you are so so good to me. Just a matter of hours separating me from pure happiness, aka, the weekend. And my besties birthday celebration.

Happy Weekend!
Alex[andra] said...

The Last Bar Fighter totally made my Friday. That pretty much looks like the best video game ever.

If you discover where we can find this gem, please let us know! I'll be first in line!

jessica said...

i still get alloy and delias catalogs lol..and they STILL got cute stuff that i want.

omg hurry up 5 o clock. SOOO ready for the weekend!
Happy Friday!!

Manda said...

Don't give up on your realtor! It's not always easy for them either :) We wanted to get rid of our's after a few Months- but we kept around for a Year before we found the right place.

Manda from Eat Cake

Veronica @ Passion, Pink & Pearls said...

oooh building a home sounds like so much fun!

Michelle said...

I love doing "I Confess" but I didn't know anyone had a link-up, I will definitely be doing that soon! :) Visiting from Friday's Letters.

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