Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Calling All Brides!

My worst nightmare is coming true. And that nightmare is, that I'm having actual nightmares about my wedding.

I am not really a worrier. Impatient, yes. This some times makes it look like I am overly concerned for things, but mostly, I just hate to wait. Because of that, I never expected to be the bride who constantly fretted about things... until now.

As if I don't already suffer from lack of sleep. As if I don't get dragged out of bed in the middle of the night already to let the dogs out. Now I have wedding nightmares to deal with? I woke up at about 5am this morning, absolutely devastated. It took me a while to realize "Thank God. It was just a nightmare."

I'd dreamed that A- I forgot to schedule our vidographer's final meeting, so he didn't show up. Now obviously a) the meeting is scheduled and b) I am sure if I didn't schedule it he'd call, but what a disaster thinking that did happen?! Having our wedding on video by Lifetime Films is one of the things I'm most excited about. Seriously, look at some of their samples. Amazing work! And I love that I'll get a trailer way before the full video is done. Impatient, remember?

The second part of my nightmare included us giving our DJ no information at all, and the whole reception was chaos as a result. They had no clue what music we liked and it was awful. The nightmare ended with Will and I leaving the reception at 8:30pm. Ummmmm early much?! Thankfully, I woke up soon after.

I know there are a lot worse things that can happen, but to me right now, those would be two of the most difficult to deal with, because they would be my fault. If an act of God makes something go wrong on our wedding day, I can handle it. But if MY lack of planning or thoroughness (two things that are not my strong suit) causes any hiccups, I may never forgive myself. Fingers crossed I have this wedding planning thing down as much as I think I do :)

Thankfully, we have a dream team of vendors, family, and friends to help. What did you forget/almost forget while planning your wedding? Any last minute tips for stress relief or staying organized?

Happy Tuesday! Come back tomorrow for a super wonderfully exciting giveaway  surprise :)

Jacqueline O said...

I think the nightmares are normal. I had a nightmare last week that the wedding was THE NEXT DAY and I hadn't finished anything yet and hadnt altered my dress....so I had to walk down the aisle with a dress that was pinned in the back (like they do at the store). Haha.

Mallory said...

Look on the bright side...I planned my wedding from 1500 miles away, never met the DJ, the photographer, the HAIR STYLIST, until THE DAY OF THE WEDDING. At least you can meet them first!
I did meet the caterer. And let me just say, the food was the best part. Also, and I know, you're worried and you don't want to hear this because no bride wants to hear this, but it's true:

You are not the first wedding they have ever filmed/played for/designed. You are not the first bride they have ever met.

That means they already know what to do, they just allow you to direct them, much like when your hubby-to-be teaches you how to throw a baseball. You know how, but you're letting him teach you so he feels important. Same thing. Relax. Let the professionals be professionals.
Oh and use slacker or Pandora to find a station you like and direct the DJ to that. That's helpful for them.

And HAVE fun! You only get to be engaged once ;)

Veronica @ Passion, Pink & Pearls said...

Oh my gracious! I had sooo many wedding nightmares...they were awful. Most of mine went around the theme of all the random things I'd worked on, like little diys, didn't end up at the wedding and/or someone else planned our wedding for us...which is bad for a control freak like me.

Best advice is to take a deep breath and breathe. Make a list of the most important things you have to accomplish and put everything else (the NON necessary) on a different list. Finish the essentials first THEN go for the non essentials. And enjoy the time as much as possible!

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