Friday, March 8, 2013

Letters and a Confess Sesh. T.G.I.F!!

This edition of Friday's Letters goes out to--- myself.


Dear Brittany,

Get. It. Together.

It's Friday. 3:42am. What the $#@* are you doing awake? Yes, dogs like to go out in the middle of the night, but is this more important than being well rested for work?

Sadly, to me, the answer is yes. Ugh. I possibly have some issues. Anybody else out there's life run by four legged creatures? Anybody?

 "Holly, go to your room". She immediately plays dead...

Anyway, middle of the night or not, it's Friday, so I will survive the day on adrenaline and caffeine.

New favorite

Things are getting pretty exciting around these parts. My life, not the blog. I think the blog gets better and better each day, but my real life is still more awesome, 10 times over.

Time for the usual Friday confessions with Leslie.

I confess, I'm super excited to see some, maybe all, of my nephews and niece this weekend. Hopefully scheduling is on our side, and we get to see everyone!

 I confess, when I get a sweet comment, or follow/mention from a blogger I love, it totally makes my day. It's like a few seconds of that excited feeling you get on Christmas morning. Keep it up people ;)

I confess, I need to get my language under control. I'm pretty sure I almost got us kicked out of dinner last night from dropping the f bomb 700 times. As we were seated between two booths with small children. Did I mention I am the LOUDEST person on earth? 99% sure I'm hard of hearing, so we'll blame it on that. The few beers I'd had certainly didn't help. Yes, I am that girl (sometimes). Parents of the Greater Cincinnati area, forgive me.

Too bad I wasn't blogging around that time I got into a huge altercation with a man old enough to be my Grandpa about the F word. I will save that story for another day. Not saying I have the right to spew curse words, but hello- It's a homecoming night game, they serve beer at the stadium, and there is a bar 30 feet from where we were sitting. Yes, UC is that awesome... or insane?

Our football field. Someone drew the Batman symbol in the snow the other day. We are that cool

I should probably just stop cursing.

I confess, I spend way too much time thinking about hashtags. #socialmediaprobs. I wanted to start using the one we plan to promote at the wedding, but some jerk already used it and posted ONE picture. What a waste. I may move forward and just have to get over that little hiccup.
Just because this video is hilarious

I confess, I cannot WAIT to do nothing this Sunday. That probably won't happen. I'm sure we will find something to do. But the thought of it for now, is nice.

Time for the grind. TGIF. What are you happy about this Friday?
Katie said...

Lol I've been known to have a pretty bad mouth as well. You must share the story! Hope you have a great weekend.

Alex[andra] said...

I love the Batman symbol in the field! Have a great weekend. :)


Dabbling in Dixie said...

Oh we were puppy run until we got a dog door... that thing is worth it's weight in GOLD!!

Kim @ Two Martini Lunch said...

Who doesn't love a good comment? And how I can read that and not post one? Not saying it will be good or anything ... There I go rambling again. My specialty. Re: the mouth better watch it with the nieces and nephews in tow. Trust me I know from my sister's reaction when my mom lets loose. Too funny. Have a very happy weekend and here's hoping your Sunday is lazier than imaginable. ~Kim

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